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Grams Best Recipes

Banana Nut Strudel Muffin Recipe

Today’s Banana Nut Strudel Muffin Recipe are a delightful way to use up overripe bananas! Looking for tasty ways to bake up overripe bananas? These banana muffins are the perfect solution. Why I love Banana Nut Strudel Muffin Recipe I love this Banana Nut Strudel Muffin Recipe so much–it’s an adaption from my Gram’s banana …

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Dark Chocolate Almond Brownies

Dark Chocolate Almond Brownies are decadent and so wonderful with a tall glass of milk! Dark Chocolate Almond Brownies this recipe is a long-time favorite of ours… it’s our Gram’s recipe switched up with dutch processed cocoa powder and some deliciously fabulous dark chocolate and almond toppings added on top!! I adore dark chocolate and by …

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Grandma’s Banana Bread Recipe

Grandma’s Banana Bread Recipe is one of our favorite recipes that has connected our family for generations–it’s moist, sweet, and filled with memories! Gram’s banana bread recipe needs overripe bananas because that’s where the rich flavor comes from then we add butter, applesauce, eggs, flour, and sugar to create the perfect banana sweet bread!  Why …

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Raspberry Sweet Rolls Recipe

Our Raspberry Sweet Rolls Recipe are homemade cinnamon rolls with a fresh new twist! You’ll love our raspberry cinnamon rolls–they’ll be your new favorite!  Why we love Raspberry Sweet Rolls Recipe This recipe is spin off of my Gram’s Orange Roll recipe, and our whole extended family loves this recipe SO much!  It’s wonderful. I’m …

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Gram’s Christmas Fudge

    The Holidays just wouldn’t be the same without Gram’s candies, they’re definitely a tradition around our house.  Gram’s English Toffee, Christmas Karmels, and this Fudge recipe make the holidays complete. Gram’s Christmas Fudge honestly took me a while to master- it’s probably the trickiest one but it’s oh-so-worth doing right! Back when I …

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