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Chalkboard Bag Gift Idea

Our friend Dru is here from Polkadot Poplars to share a super cute holiday gift idea!

Chalkboard Bag Gift Idea is just adorable for those little hands in your life~ grand babies and small kiddos will love them so much.


Hello! Are you ready for the holidays? It always seems like there is so much to do. Do you feel the same? I’ve been trying to simplify my holidays because I’ve been so stressed in the past. So far, so good. Here’s hoping it continues.

I’ve got a large family with lots of grand kids, 10 to be exact all under the age of nine. Gift shopping has always been challenging because it’s important to me for them to know I’ve put some thought into what I give them. Gift cards are fun and I do give them, but I do throw in something I’ve made or something they have really been wanting.

I keep a few chalkboards around my house, some for my grand kids and some I hang on the walls.  As you all know they are perfect for organizing or adding that cute touch to your home decor. The kids love playing school and they love the chalkboards, so I decided to make one for each of them for Christmas. If you are looking for a gift idea for the kids in your life? I think these are perfect!

Chalkboard Bag Gift Idea by on #craft #gift

I had Home Depot cut a 4’x8′ board of pressed hardboard into 2’x18″ pieces. I was able to get 10 chalkboards out of this piece for $13.00. Score! There is also the option of buying boards that already have the chalkboard finish, but it’s quite a bit more expensive for the amount I needed. I then purchased some chalkboard paint and a disposable roller.


I only painted the top and edges of the boards leaving the rough side plain. I painted two coats. Be sure to season the boards by rubbing a piece of chalk sideways back and forth and then wipe off.


I went a little further and made envelope bags that include a pocket for chalk and a homemade eraser out of gray felt.


For my bags I measured a piece of soft flannel fabric 42″x26″. The pocket measures 8″x6″. I folded over the top edge of the pocket twice and sewed a hem. I ironed each of the remaining edges inside a half inch.


Finding the center front of the bag fabric I sewed the pocket in place. There are two different colors of bags.



I then folded the bag fabric in half lengthwise, right sides together, sewing the sides with a half inch seem allowance.  I then hemmed the top edge and turned right side out and inserted the chalkboard. I added some chalk and the eraser.

For the eraser I cut two pieces of gray felt 7″x4″. With right sides together I sewed three edges then turned right side out, stuffed with fiberfill and hand sewed the open edge.


I’m so happy with them and I know the kids will love them.

I so hope the next few weeks fabulous for you. Happy Holidays!

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Have been over to visit Dru?  She and her daughters always have super creative ideas going on over at or find them on:  Facebook// Twitter// Instagram// Pinterest

Happy Friday!

Much Love and Peace~

Dru and Ruthie

Chef Ruthie

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