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Chalkboard Photo Board

I’m so happy that we get to visit with Dru from Polkadot Poplar’s today

She’s brought an adorable project to share with us– Chalkboard Photo Board!

Hi Everyone!  So happy to be sharing another fun idea on Ruthie’s blog today. Do you have photos sitting around in a box or album that no one gets to see very often?  I know I did until now.  I made this chalkboard/photo display to hang in my home.

Now I can switch them out every so often and enjoy the photos rather than dig them out of a box to look at.  I love that I can journal about the pictures on the chalkboard.

Here’s what I did:

I found a large frame at the thrift store.  I like the green of the frame so I didn’t paint it.  I cut a piece of thin plywood the size of the frame and spray painted it with chalkboard paint.  You could also use chalkboard wood found at Home Depot.  I like to “season” the chalkboard by rubbing a piece of chalk all over the board and then erasing.  This makes it ready to use.


Using upholstery tacks, wire, and a hammer I attached the wire across the frame.


To attach the wires I hammered the tacks in half way, wrapped the end of the wire around several time and then hammered the tack in the rest of the way.  I placed three lines of wire.

I then attached the chalkboard to the back, hung my pictures, chalked up some journaling and I’m done.

I love it!  I hope you do, too.



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A huge thank you to Dru for sharing an awesome way to remember all the fun times in our lives with her Chalkboard Photo Board!

Make sure to visit with Dru at: or find her on:  Facebook// Twitter// Instagram// Pinterest

Happy Friday!!

xoxo~ Dru and Ruthie

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