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Honesty Hour: Spring-time Fresh Start

Honesty Hour: Spring-time Fresh Start and New Beginnings to begin anew this spring! 

Honesty Hour: Spring-time Fresh Start

Spring is a time of fresh starts and rebirths. A time to shed off the winter’s hibernation and sprout up into new life. It’s a beautiful season to let go of any old experiences that have weighed us down or held us back allowing us to walk into a better day. It is possible to erase the canvas or start from a clean slate and begin to create life anew.


Spring Cleaning for the Soul:

Let’s look at it as a little spring cleaning for the soul. . . what old tapes or stories might you give up running through your mind, old habits that no longer serve you, or old patterns of behavior that might be holding you back. In my life I’ve found that having gratitude, applying forgiveness, and seeking to find the hidden gift in them which usually look like all I learned and the ways I grew from those experiences~ I’m then able to be truly free. They no longer had the ability to effect me.

Honesty Hour: Spring-time Fresh Start and New Beginnings!

It takes practice and time to reset those old ways but by being free from the stories of what, who, and how I was once treated, etc. I’m able to direct that energy into a more productive way, a way that I WANT to use it, a way that helps me create the beautiful life I want to live. If it’s not yet possible to find gratitude and forgiveness for the past then start with finding it right now. Finding it in the now opens the way to have more experiences for which to be grateful for and eventually you’ll find that it possible to transform past hurts too.

Honesty Hour: Spring-time Fresh Start and New Beginnings!

It’s totally okay that our canvas might look kinda messy and sometimes need to have spots erased and re-created again. It’s a process of finding the way through learning and growing to trial and error for the newness of life to emerge. Take some time to explore what makes your heart happy and then start to move in that direction. Even small steps are so fulling and with time a path will open up to you that will bring so much happiness and joy into every aspect of living!

Spring-time Fresh Start!

It’s so much more fulling to paint new landscapes with an array of stunning colors or create new stories the kind that have happy endings! Embrace all that you are, love yourself deeply, and know that you are the creator of your own life, the master with a paintbrush in hand standing at the canvas of life. . . you are capable of greatness, you are worthy, you are loved, you are beautiful inside and out, and YOU can start a brand-new day, today!

Honesty Hour: Spring-time Fresh Start and New Beginnings!

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Thank you for joining our Honesty Hour: Spring-time Fresh Start as always try it on, take what works, and leave the rest!  Wishing you a beautiful and fresh spring! 

Love Always, 


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