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DIY Blanket Ladder

I love having Miss Dru from Polka Dot Poplars come to visit! She’s brought the most adorable project to share.

DIY Blanket Ladder is sure to make your home more cozy!

I’ll turn it over to her…

Hello Everyone! Lately I’ve been noticing that many are using blanket ladders in their home decor. They are a unique and fun way to store throws and quilts. So, I went shopping, but yikes are they expensive! I didn’t find any that I liked that were under $130. So, what’s a girl to do? Make one!

DIY Blanket Ladder by on is sure to make your home more cozy!


I am thrilled with how it turned out and it was tons easier than I thought it would be. If I can do it, you can, too. Here’s what I purchased:

Blanket Ladder Supplies

  • Two 2″x4″x8′, cut into 6′ lengths (I just had Home Depot cut mine)
  • Three 1 1/4″ dowels that are 36″ long, cut in half (18″ long)
  • Wood Glue
  • Wood Stain or Wax


Blanket Ladder Instructions

  • Sand the 2″x4″ boards to remove wood slivers, especially the edges.
  • (Optional) If you would like a distressed look you can distress by hammering, sanding, or putting holes in the wood with nail holes.
  • Measure where you will be placing your dowels. I wanted five rungs so I marked every 12″ on my 6 foot board.
  • Drill your 1 1/4″ holes all the way through the board. Using a hand drill takes some muscle, so if you have access to a drill press it would be easier.
  • Place wood glue in each of the holes on one board and insert your dowels. The end of the dowels should be level with the outside of the 2″x4″.
  • Place glue in the holes of the second board and place it on top of the dowels leveling the dowels with the board.
  • Wipe up any glue residue on the boards and let dry.
  • Stain or paint the ladder and let dry.


I’m so happy with how mine turned out and wonder why it took me so long to make it.


Make this blanket ladder for under $15.

Here’s another wood project that I made. You can find the tutorial on our site.

DSC_2427 (1)

Here’s another one.


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