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Fit Friday with Nichole and Ruthie

Friday’s are getting a facelift around here… it’s a good thing!  Promise.

Let me introduce you to one of my cutest friends and trainer Nichole from Pure Clean Fitness.  Nichole and I go way back- like all the way back to the winter 2008 when I decided I needed a trainer to help me learn how to cross train for my second marathon.  I met Nichole at my local gym, little did I know that a friendship would bloom out of it.  Nichole and I ran training runs through the summer 2009 and then ran the 2009 Top of Utah Marathon that fall.  Nichole is one of the speediest chic’s I know but she held herself back and ran the whole thing right with me.

Nichole has written my workouts all these years and I love to hate her sometimes!  Oh my gosh.  This woman is good at what she does… but after the first week of a new workout routine- I’m back to loving her again.   Totally teasing 🙂  She’s great and a wealth of healthy knowledge that I am grateful to have in a friend.

Fit Friday with Nichole and Ruthie on healthy recipes and fitness tips combined!

People always ask me how I stay in such good shape- especially when I was in Culinary School, but for me vitality in life comes from keeping a healthy balance.   Some of you may remember that 17 years I was 95 pounds over weight- I wrote about my weight loss story several years ago.  Here are the links if you want to read more Weight Loss A and Weight Loss B.

I can bake up sweets like there’s no tomorrow but I just enjoy a few and share the rest.  Y’all know what I eat- I share all the recipes with you so, what we eat and the recipes I create reflect my way of balancing whole grains, lean protein, fruits, veggies, and I have to throw in some sweet-tooth happiness too!  As you all know exercise is so important and I make sure to add in daily exercise in some form- I’ve hung up my running shoes but I love to hike with the dogs, ride my road bike,  2-3 days of weight lifting each week, and mix in some yoga here and there.  I am not stuck in one routine or another but I do make sure to stay active in one of those ways, everyday.

Fit Friday with Nichole and Ruthie on healthy recipes and fitness tips combined!

Nichole and I put our head together and thought why not bring the best of both of our talents together by combining Healthy Recipes with Fitness Tips and call it Fit Friday!

SOoooo we are beyond thrilled to bring you Fit Friday with Nichole and Ruthie

Fit Friday with Nichole and Ruthie on healthy recipes and fitness tips combined!

Don’t miss Friday’s around here or over at Nichole’s place- Pure Clean Fitness we will be serving up lots of Healthy Recipes and Fitness Tips!

Happiest of Fridays!

Much Love and Peace~

Nichole and Ruthie

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  1. Emily Hill says:

    Love this and love you. You’re beautiful!