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Basil-Garlic and Orange-Honey Compound Butters


You’ll totally WOW all of your guests with a lovely array of beautiful and delicious compound butters.

For our Blogger Thanksgiving 2014, I used Basil-Garlic and Orange-Honey Compound Butters.

In years past, I’ve also made Pumpkin-Lime and Cranberry-Orange and Roasted Garlic Herb Butter combinations too!  Mmmm mmm.

Compound Butters are just what your holiday table is needing! by #recipe #holidays




Compound Butters are just what your holiday table is needing! by #recipe #holidays

I promise every guest at your table will absolutely be in-all-kinds-of-love with your Compound Butters~ they’ll be the talk of the festivities this year 🙂


Happiest of Monday’s!

Much Peace and Love~


Chef Ruthie

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  7. Kara says:

    I have never made flavored butters before, but I need to start. I loved both of these, but the orange one was my favorite. Who knew something so simple could be so yummy? 🙂