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5 Travel Tips to make Airplane Food Taste Good

5 Travel Tips to make Airplane Food Taste Good because, unfortunately, we’ve all had some less than appetizing meals on planes! I’ve flown a fair amount over the years and watched food on airplanes change.. like back in the 1990’s when they served a full meal on a 1 hour flight, to today where you’ve practically got to pay for that tiny bag of peanuts! However, on most international flights, they still include a full meal service in your ticket price! Since that’s been most of my travels lately, the chef in me has come up with a few simple tips to make the all around experience even better! I’m always up for a little culinary challenge and as I’m served airline food, I play with it to figure out how to take it up a notch, with nothing more than what is served to me on the tray.  So, this is my take on airline food and a few simple ideas on how to make it taste pretty darn good! 🙂

5 Travel Tips to make Airplane Food Taste Good! by

My take on Airplane Food

Airlines seems to be trending to a more positive and palatable culinary experience for their main cabin customers (which includes me, since I can’t really speak for business or first class per se) by adding a few bells and whistles. On my most recent international flights, I’ve noticed some upgrades! I was pleasantly surprised to be given a nicely printed menu with three entree options, a larger variety of beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and there was a snack/drink bar available during the flight in the service gala. AND don’t you think the silver colored plastic silverware adds a classy touch to the whole tray?!

5 Travel Tips to make Airplane Food Taste Good! by


My Foodie Airline Tips & Tricks

• I eat the vegetarian entree option served on flights for a few reasons.. I’ve heard far too many people complain of upset stomachs after eating the protein entree served on their flight (some even claim food poisoning for a few days after). So I already have this thing about eating animal protein entrees on flights… and then to add to it, I recently read a sign posted on the wall outside the service area saying something like “the flight crew eats a different meal than the customers incase of any issue with food poisoning.” OMG.

All of that being said, I don’t eat the protein entrees on airplanes AND in my opinion, it’s never been very tasty anyway! It’s always the wrong texture, flavor, color, and there is really just no way I can eat it. Life is good since I switched to the vegetarian option when I fly. I’m a much happier gal with a very happy stomach! 

5 Travel Tips to make Airplane Food Taste Good! by

• If you are one of those people who enjoy wine or alcoholic beverage on your international flights like I do, then on your first beverage service, ask for the alcohol of choice along with water and/or soda beverage, too. They are happy to refill all your beverages again when they bring out the food service.

I did overhear a conversation on my last flight where the stewardess turned down a guy on his second request for a large amounts of alcohol. He was a little bent out of shape about it, which the stewardess replied, “we have limits as they don’t want excessive alcohol issues happening on flights.” I totally get it–a lot of really tipsy people on an airplane would not be very much fun for anyone! At any rate, they still seem to be pretty generous with the distribution, so long story short, enjoy the flight with a couple serving of your favorite beverage! 🙂 

5 Travel Tips to make Airplane Food Taste Good! by

• As most of you know the food trays are held icy cold until serving. The only part of the meal that comes out piping hot is the entree. One of my favorite tricks is to place my dessert and butter under the hot entree, with the roll placed on top, to get all warm and happy. There’s just something about softened butter on a warm roll and a gooey-warm chocolate chip blondie for dessert. I let this “warming up” magic happen while enjoying the first course of salad, fruit, crackers, and cheese.

• Okay, so I can’t help but get creative with my salad. . . I mean a small handful of lettuce and two cherry tomatoes just doesn’t really do it for me. By adding a few chunks of the cheese wedge and crumbling one of the club crackers on top… now that’s got a lot more going for it!! If it still tastes too bland, then a sprinkle from the salt packet will help do the trick! 

5 Travel Tips to make Airplane Food Taste Good! by

• Next, I move onto the main course with my warm and spreadable butter on a warm and soft roll! I continue to keep my dessert warming underneath while I eat my vegetarian entree. On this flight, I had cheese stuffed ravioli with tomato sauce and it was not half bad after I added a sprinkle of salt and pepper to it.  

5 Travel Tips to make Airplane Food Taste Good! by

Handy Tip: It’s helpful to turn dessert over at this point so it gets warm on both sides. 🙂

5 Travel Tips to make Airplane Food Taste Good! by

• It seems like they are coming through with coffee and tea before I’m half way finished with my meal–and that’s okay! I’m not one to ever turn down a hot cup of coffee! On this flight I added a Bailey’s Irish Whiskey to my coffee.. talk about the perfect dipping for my warm chocolate chip blondie. 

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We hope our 5 Travel Tips to make Airplane Food Taste Good will help you out on your next flight. Bon Appetite!

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  1. Ron Burg says:

    What phone service do you use.
    Off to France mid October.
    Thanks Ron

  2. Ron Burg says:

    What phone service do you use.
    Off to France mid October.
    Thanks Ron

    • Chef Ruthie says:

      Hi Ron…I use verizon and they have an international plan. Another option is purchasing a sim card in France to use in your phone. The best option is to call your carrier to inquire about both options (international plan for France and if it’s possible to use a french sim card in your device). They will be able to guide you to the best solution. I hope you have the most amazing trip–I love Europe! ~Ruthie