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Honesty Hour: Learn & Grow


Honesty Hour: Learn & Grow

Honesty Hour: Learn & Grow letting go of old negative patterns!

There aren’t any bars around me! 

But, there used to be . . . in fact, there were once so many bars that I could hardly even move or see out of the cage I was in.  Every bar represented some negative experience, starting from way back when . . . like in my childhood when I was teased for being the tallest kid in the class by three feet (slight exaggeration), or when I was a fool about something, or someone told me I should be like this or like that . . . blah, blah, blah!  Then one day I woke up to see that I’d built this cage around myself, just ME all by my lit’l ole self.  One bar at a time. 

I am creating my reality!

The accumulation of years and years of all that “stuff” were the bars that held me captive.  Realizing THAT was sooooo awakening for me, because that meant I also had the power to set myself free.  It was my choice.  What did I find most helpful in starting my un-caging process?  I began to understand that any feed back I might receive from the world, whether positive or negative, is JUST information and to continually check in and ask, “Is that true for me?”  I try it on to see if it fits taking with me what does and gracefully letting go of what does not.  This has to lead me to the highest and best for me and no one else. I live in the life/reality I’m creating.  

Honesty Hour: Learn & Grow letting go of old negative patterns!

I choose to be free! 🙂

Then I added in searching to find peace, gratitude, forgiveness, understanding, and a dose of healthy boundaries to find my wings and my freedom!  Now, I consciously choose to move forward in the highest and best way of every moment of everyday. I yearn to be moving ever closer to conscious living, filled with truth, peace, harmony, balance, and beauty. I choose to be free. ❤️

We are here to learn & grow

Here’s an opportunity to be open and take a look at what might be holding you back, check in with yourself, and ask is this serving me in the highest and best way?  Be gentle, kind, and unconditionally loving to yourself.  We are here to learn and grow; NOT to be perfect.  And it’s totally okay if it gets a little messy while we figure it out.

Honesty Hour: Learn & Grow letting go of old negative patterns!

Honesty Hour: Learn & Grow it’s all about letting go of old negative experiences/patterns that are holding you back! 

Love Always, 


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