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DIY Deck Project

Welcome to my happy place 🙂

DIY Deck Project by

DIY Deck Project by

I love being outdoors and having a comfortable outdoor living space is still possible even on a budget.

Here’s my little deck before I took on my DIY Deck Project, the furniture was hand-me-down’s AND it looked a little something like this…

DIY Deck Project by

I’ve always try to bloom where I’m planted by making living spaces inviting and enjoyable.  I was bound and determined to transform this drab space into my new happy place 🙂

I started with a quick trip to Target to find cushions, a couple of pillows, a rug, and patio umbrella.  I love Target for home decor 🙂

DIY Deck Project by

Truth be told- I tried about 5 different umbrellas before deciding on this cabana style one that I found on!  I would have shared my deck project a lot earlier if I had found the right umbrella sooner.

Then I decided that the tables would be a million times cuter yellow verses black and worn out looking like they were…

I bought my Valspar spray paint at Lowes the color’s called Satin Hubbell House Golden Maize #85203.  It took three cans to cover my black mesh metal tables.

DIY Deck Project by

I am the queen of spray paint!  I love it.  It’s so simple to update things with and inexpensive too.

A couple quick tips:

~ Wear old clothes that you don’t care about because it WILL get on you. Promise!

~ Wash down the item to be painted.

~ If it’s something metal and rusty then use a primer first.  If it’s really bad lightly sand those areas.  Make sure the spray paint you buy is made for adhearing to metal.

~ Plan on applying mutliple coats, it took 3 coats to cover my two tables.

~ Always spray on a drop cloth or cardboard so over spray doesn’t get everywhere.

~ Apply spray paint at about 9-12 inches away from item to prevent runs.  Spray each coat in opposite directions to make sure it gets good and covered.

~ On your last coat double check for thin areas like in the last photo below- where the black is showing through.

DIY Deck Project by

I love my tables with thier new look!  They’re so cheery and happy now… Jack and Lila love our spiffed up deck too 🙂

DIY Deck Project by

I found most of my cute assessories at IKEA and added in some herb boxes and flower pots and whaa-la!  We’re chilling on the back deck all summer long.

DIY Deck Projects by

Check out my cute little Target Dollar Pail Planter shown in the photo above- simple to make and fun for your outdoor space.

Target Dollar Pail Planters by

The final piece to this happy space is our soothing water feature from Home Depot… the sound of water is so peaceful to me.  I love, love, love to hear it- take me away 🙂

DIY Deck Project by

Now, is the perfect time to find end of season deals for next year AND hey our summer days are not quiet over yet!  We’ll totally use our deck all through out the fall too.

Cheers to outdoor spaces and DIY Deck Projects!


Happy Thursday!

xoxo~ Ruthie



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  1. Crystal says:

    I love the colors you chose for your porch!! It’s beautiful!!