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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

I’m so happy to have Dru visiting from Polka Dot Poplars with us today.

She’s brought a whole bunch a fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas to share and they’re so adorable!

I’ll let Dru take it from here…

Hi Everyone! I’m so excited to be here again. Happy Spring!

Easter has been on my mind. I love all that it represents and why we celebrate it. This is first in my mind, but I love the other things like family gatherings, the new outfits, dying eggs, and the EASTER EGG HUNTS. Easter weekend has always been a big event in our family.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas by on

Here are some ideas to make your Easter Egg Hunts a little more exciting.

How about a treasure hunt? Starting with one clue the kids would need to use the it to find the next “prize” until they finally get to their Easter baskets. I’ve attached a printable PDF below with some generic clues that should work for most families.

Treasure Hunt Collage

Easter Egg Hunt

How about making a few extra eggs to hide in a park or other public place to brighten someone’s day? I figured candy would probably not be the best choice to put inside. Would you want to eat a piece of candy when you didn’t know where it came from. With a dollar bill or a bit of change the lucky finder could buy their own candy.

Gift Collage

Another fun thing we’ve done is having the kids plant jelly beans on Saturday and see what happens on Easter Day. They loved it.

Jelly Bean CollageHow about including the scripture story of Christ’s resurrection with your fun activities? Mix 12 extra plastic eggs that have been numbered into the other eggs you are hiding. Inside each of the 12 eggs are a different scripture and item pertaining to that scripture. Once the egg hunt is over gather everyone around and starting with the person who found egg #1 read and discuss each scripture in order.

Scripture Egg CollageEASTER SCRIPTURES

I’ve also included a printable PDF for this activity, too.

How about some signs that the Easter Bunny has been in your home. I cut a large foot (After all isn’t the Easter bunny big?) out of a piece of cardboard. Using some baby powder I sprinkled it on top of the foot stencil. I found that sprinkling works much better and the white of the baby powder shows up really well. After stenciling on the feet I sprinkled some glitter here and there (Because the Easter Bunny is magic don’t you know.) and added a few of his droppings (chocolate covered raisins) around. Ha! The kids should get a kick out of that. This could even work inside. Just sweep or vacuum it up.

Bunny Hop Collage

Some other ideas:

Instead of always including candy how about a gift certificate. You could include staying up for an extra hour or going to get ice cream. This would be fun for older kids and adults.

You could hide the Easter baskets and then attach them to a string. Make a spider web with the string and wrap it around furniture, doors, etc. When the kids get up hand them the end of the string and send them on their way.

To make it fair for everyone give everyone their own color of egg to find or give them a checklist before they start like the following:


2 Yellow Eggs

4 Blue Eggs

6 Yellow Eggs

3 Purple Eggs

You get the idea. Don’t you just hate crying kids that barely get anything while the older kids have everything.

Anyway, I hope this post gives you some fun ideas.

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Thanks so much to Dru for sharing all of these spring-time Easter Egg Hunt Ideas!

Easter is right around the corner I hope you gets y’all in the mood lots to enjoy these fun-for-the-whole-family activities.

Happy Friday and be sure to come back tonight to share at Super Saturday Link Up party 🙂

xoxo~ Dru and Ruthie


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  2. Karen says:

    Thanks for the fun ideas. My hubby gives our family’s Easter Egg Hunt a SUPER BOOST OF FUN by creating rhyming riddles for clues leading the kids to their Easter morning treasures.
    GO TO for
    21 FREE PRINTABLE CLUES in rhyming riddle style just like the sample below….
    a time-saving, fun-boosting, laugh-out-loud collection of clues from Simply Fun Families.

    Now don’t you feel thirsty?
    All this running about
    must make you feel ready
    to drink the milk out.
    So open the fridge,
    and guess what you’ll see.
    It’s another sweet treat
    from your favourite bunny.

  3. Crystal says:

    Great egg hunt ideas! I especially loved the Scripture eggs which can be used for a Sunday School class too! Thanks so much!!