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Grilled Lime Salmon and Skewered Vegi’s

This meal maybe for a more mature palate, unless you’ve been more diligent than I, at widening your children’s food likes/dislikes at young ages??? This salmon is just like butter…. melts in your mouth!

Lime Salmon

3-4 Salmon filets-defrosted (I buy the individually wrapped/frozen kind but fresh works too)
3 Tbls Olive Oil
1/2 Onion- chopped
2 Fresh Limes- rinsed, sectioned, and squeezed (I throw the Lime sections in too)
1 clove garlic- pressed

Add all the ingredients in a gallon Ziplock baggie, marinate for an hour in the fridge.  Spray the grill with cooking spray, preheat. Grill on med high heat for about 5-7 minutes per side.  Salmon filets are done when the center pulls away flaky.

Marinate in the fridge
Place on sprayed, pre-heated grill
Tip: heat limes on grill and squeeze more juice on as grilling

Skewered Vegi’s

Cut into large pieces:
Red Onion
Portabella mushroom
Green Pepper
Another color pepper– I used purple
4 skewers- wooden or metal

Add Vegi’s, alternating, spray vegi’s on skewers with Olive Oil cooking spray, and generously sprinkle with Lemon Pepper seasoning.  Grill, rotating every 2-3 minutes till edges brown and vegi’s are tender crisp.

Alternate Vegi’s on skewers
Place on grill
Rotate every 2-3 minutes till tender firm
Healthy and Fast…

These recipes are healthy and fast… the perfect combo!! If you like mushrooms… the Portabella’s are a flavorful, meaty type of mushroom that are large; up to 6 inches in diameter!  So good!!  I’m sure you all know how good salmon is for us with all those omega 3 benefits, etc. 

My last “grilling” post was a bit of a hit so here’s another to play with… Happy Grilling 🙂

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