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New Momma List #1

New Momma List #1 is the ultimate, compiled, must-have baby list from many experienced momma’s!

New Momma List #1 is all for baby!!!

Hey, hey!  It’s me, Madeliene!  This post idea came to me a few months ago…  I was reflecting on the previous year, when I was pregnant with Carter, and trying to prepare to be a first time mom!  I am soooo lucky that I had a good friend to help and guide me through the “new mom process” and to answer the countless questions that I had!  Thank you, Krista, for supporting me and helping me through this crazy, fun transition!!

One of the things that I asked Krista for, was a must have list of baby items!  She sent me this WONDERFUL list that saved my life!  I bought a lot of stuff up front to prepare for Carter’s arrival.  I also saved the list in my phone and when something came up with Carter, I checked my list to see what Krista had recommended for this new thing or stage of life that Carter was in.  It was a life saver.  For example, when Carter started teething– I checked out the list and tried what Krista had recommended.

New Momma List #1 is my ultimate, fantastic, compiled baby list that I share with everyone!!! 

New Momma List #1 is the ultimate, compiled, must-have baby list from many experienced momma's!

Now, every kid is different.  So as I went about this past year, I also added stuff to “the list” that other people recommended that I try, and things that I found that worked for us, as I researched and tried new things! I never want a new mom to not know what to do or what to buy or where to start (this is literally how I felt during my pregnancy).  Krista’s list helped me SO much and my hope is that my compiled list of many smart momma’s can help you, too!  I’m also adding in my 2 cents a little bit.  Which really, are just my opinions and based off of my personal experience. 🙂  Enjoy and share!!  Let’s help all those momma’s out there!!!

With out further a do… New Momma List #1 with links to all of my faves!

Hygiene for Baby:

Medicine for Baby:

  • Gripe Water: for colic, air in tummy, hiccups. Gripe Water  I didn’t notice that it did much for the air in Carter’s tummy.. and Carter didn’t have colic.. but this totally helped him with hiccups and his mood!  Not sure how, but it’s magical and takes them away instantly!  Carter hated hiccups.
  • Baby Tylenol or Kid’s Tylenol: Ask pediatrician for the recommended dose as it depends on baby’s weight. I found that it was cheapest to buy it at Costco in a pack of 2 or on Amazon in a pack! Children’s Tylenol
  • Mylicon Drops: Mylicon Gas Relief Drops for Infants and Babies
  • Nose Frieda: Looks disgusting but is a LIFE SAVER.  In reality, it’s not gross at all and no way that anything can get into your mouth.  This works so much better than any bulb nose sucker! Fridababy NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator
  • Saline Nose Spray: Use this before using the Nose Frieda to help loosen up the mucus!  Saline Nasal Spray for Baby and Kids  This one is the EASIEST to use by far and the best.  Trust me, I tried lots…
  • Windi Gas Passer- this also looks gross but it is genius and so so so amazing.  It helps the baby pass gas bubbles/air in their tummy and they immediately feel better and stop fussing!  It works better than any oral medicine. Windi the Gaspasser for Baby Colic and Gas Relief  Carter was a loud eater which means he sucked a lot of air when he drank milk so he always had a lot of air in his tummy.  These saved my life and I had to use them all the time.

  • Rectal Thermometer: Pediatrician will always want temp from a rectal thermometer because they are the most accurate.Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer
  • Butt Paste Maximum Strength (Red Package): The best diaper rash cream ever!!  I found it’s cheapest to buy this tub of it… Boudreauxs Butt Paste Diaper Rash Ointment  AND I really love these BabyBum Cream Applicators!  BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush 
  • Camilla- good for teething and irritability. Baby Teething Relief

Clothes & Accessories:

  • Crib shoes/slippers- way nice because they don’t fall off baby feet like socks do!!  Don’t waste your time or money on socks.  They don’t stay on!!!  Buy 1 or 2 pair of these and you are set!  Make sure that they are like this with the velcro around the ankle top– Cozy Fleece Booties, 0-6 month socks

  • Mittens- new born size so they don’t scratch their face! Newborn Baby Organic Cotton Gloves No Scratch Mittens 

  • Baby gap has great quality clothes and you can usually always find 50% off coupons on and if you shop their sale section online and then add the coupon clothes are a really great price and an AMAZING quality.

  • Swaddles:  I have an obsession with these… Carter has 8 of them cause I love and use them so much!  These are the best swaddles cause they are stretchy and wrap baby- promotes good sleep- comforts baby cause they feel like they are in the womb or being held by you.  Large Premium Knit Baby Swaddle Receiving Blanket by Copper Pearl  Once baby is old enough to not be swaddled anymore, they are the perfect light summer blankets.  There are so many great patterns and colors.  Anything by Copper Pearl is fabulous.

  • Sleep sacks- these are nice when transitioning from swaddles to a normal blanket. These are suggested so that baby doesn’t pull a blanket over their face when sleeping- babies have died from this :(.  it’s like a wearable blanket.  (I personally want an adult sized one)  Amazon has tons of options and brands. I’ve also found good ones at TJ Maxx.  Carter loved this one– 100% Cotton Wearable Blanket Baby Sleep Bag Grey Stars 2 Pack (6-12 Months)

  •  5 in 1 car seat cover, breast feeding cover, grocery cart cover, etc.  Baby Car Seat Cover 5 in 1 Gift by Copper Pearl  Tip: On amazon, if you order 3 things from Copper Pearl at once, you get 10% off your purchase. I wish I would have known that when I first started!

  • Burp cloths- I’ve needed lots cause my baby spits up a lot.  I have Copper pearl ones, hand made ones, some hand me downs from my aunt and it doesn’t matter what kind honestly!  They all work great.  My personal faves are of course… Copper Pearl. *Heart Eyes* Baby Burp Cloth Large Size Premium Absorbent Triple Layer 3 Pack by Copper Pearl

  •  Bibs and/or hanker-chief bib for drooling and spit up are great. Baby Bandana Drool Bibs 4 Pack by Copper Pearl

New Momma List #1 is the ultimate, compiled, must-have baby list from many experienced momma's!


Stuff & Toys:

New Momma List #1 is the ultimate, compiled, must-have baby list from many experienced momma's!

We hope that this New Momma List #1 has been oh so helpful and that you refer back to it often, throughout your baby experience!

Love always,

Madeliene & Ruthie





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  1. sheri says:

    Great list, it’s comprehensive and nicely categorized.

    • Ruthie says:

      Thank you! I was really glad to know what was helpful with my first so, I hope it’s helpful for more new momma’s! 🙂