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Announcing Cafe Zen!

Announcing Cafe Zen!

Good Morning!  It’s Ruthie and I’m so thrilled to share my new cafe & event space with all of you!  

Announcing Cafe Zen and a GoFundMe for our Communal Tables!

I’ve loved writing Cooking with Ruthie for close to 7 years now… I’ll continue to be hands-on in it with the assistance of my wonderful daughter, Madeliene Louise, who you’ve already gotten to know. 🙂 

Cafe Zen has been held in my heart for the past several years and starting the physical creation of the project began a year ago now.  It’s been a beautiful adventure.

Our founder, Ruthie, is asking for your help to make a difference within our community. Cafe Zen is a humanitarian cafe opening June 2018 in beautiful Emigration Canyon, Utah.

About Cafe Zen:
Cafe Zen “The Seed of Life”:

Cafe Zen’s Vision: Fostering “The Seed of Life,” Cafe Zen is a beginning step for everyone to join a community where the food is made with love, where a state of wellness dwells, and where no one eats alone.

The “Seed of Life’s” Meaning: “The Seed of Life’s” sacred geometrical shape is represented by the seven stages, steps, or days of creation. The creation of a vibrating pattern of space (electromagnetic radiation) is the actual process of creation itself which otherwise is symbolized by various concepts such as “days of creation” to make something otherwise almost impossible to explain, much easier to handle. As defined: https:// the-seed-of-life-and-the- seven-stages-of-creation/

Every creation begins with a “seed,” thus why we at Pagoda starts with the Cafe Zen as the “Seed of Life.” There is nothing that bring a community together better than food and in a great atmosphere where all are welcome. We at Cafe Zen believe that within all of us there is a seed that lays dormant ready to blossom at any time. By sharing in the environment, food, and surroundings, we hope you start to see your own seed blossom as you partake in the community.


Cafe Zen will serve breakfast and lunch only closing at 2 p. m. daily. The cafe will be a nourishing and welcoming space filled with love and joy for everyone. It will be a peaceful, relaxing, and enjoyable space for guests to frequent often. It will accommodate approximately 87 guests. Cafe Zen will be based on a set menu price with humanitarian aspects. The affordability scale means there is an option to pay the amount a guest can afford, or if they are unable to pay, we have a “pay it forward” program that all guests can contribute to with funds being used for those in need. There will be a community outreach program benefiting the local shelters and food banks. The community humanitarian outreach means a percentage of sales generated by Cafe Zen will be used to purchase supplies and delivered to our non-profit partners for their staff/volunteers to prepare and feed those in need. We will develop partnerships with ROOTS, Crossroads Urban Center, First Step House, YWCA, Rescue Mission, St. Vincent De Paul, as well as others. We will explore an internship program with UVU Culinary Arts program providing outstanding hands-on experience to students fulfilling their graduation requirement.

1 – Remodeling an area of the cafe to create communal tables that are banquet style. We hope to provide a place where no one has to dine alone as they enjoy a family style setting.

2 – Remodeling parts of the kitchen to support the Roots program. Roots is the first Utah Farm Base High School where trouble teens can learn to work the land. They have a very limited budget for their student lunch program. We would like to increase that amount by as much as possible to provide nutritious, healthy meals to the students. Cafe Zen will be sourcing as much of our fruits and vegetables from the Roots Farm and helping to support their school.

3 – Pay it forward program. This is a program that allows everyone to eat at the cafe even if they do not have the means. The pay it forward account will cover the meals of guests who do not have funds, are short on their bill, or just forgot their wallet and need to eat while visiting the canyon.

Chef Ruthie

Owners at Cooking With Ruthie
Chef Ruthie is a professionally trained chef who specializes in bringing cuisines, cultures and culinary adventures to your kitchen. Chef Ruthie inspires readers to create in the kitchen, explore the world and find joy in all the many aspects of living!

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