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Tomato Soup Planter Garden

This post is sponsored by Miracle-Gro and Bonnie Plants. All opinions are my own! 🙂

Ever since I can remember… we have had a garden in our backyard! We loooove gardens! I remember crawling through our black raspberry bushes when I was 6 years old. I would make forts out of and in the black raspberry bushes! My siblings and I had a blast playing in them! I also remember the tallest sunflower competitions that we would have every year as an extended family! Out of all of my dads 9 siblings and his parents, we won the tallest sunflower multiple times. 🙂

Here are a couple of pics from one of our gardens a few years back. . .

Tomato Soup Garden #ad #sponsored #BetterTogether

Tomato Soup Garden #ad #sponsored #BetterTogether

The year in the pics above, we did raised bed gardens (as you can tell). Previously we had always done in the ground gardens. And now.. we are switching it up with a wonderful patio garden! No matter what kind of garden it is, we have always used and trusted Bonnie Plants and Miracle-Gro Potting Mix and Miracle-Gro All Purpose Plant Food from Walmart! We are SO excited to get our garden started around here! We just couldn’t wait any longer! We stopped by our local Walmart today and found just what we needed for our Tomato Soup Planter Garden!

Tomato Soup Garden #ad #sponsored #BetterTogether

My mom and I have been wanting to incorporate our love for fresh vegetables and herbs into a recipe for a long time! My grandma makes this amazing to die for tomato soup that has inspired us to make our own Tomato Basil Soup!

Tomato Soup Garden #ad #sponsored #BetterTogether

We physically went to the store to pick up the plants we needed for our patio garden at the Walmart Garden Center… However, we found out that we didn’t even need to go to all of that hassle! We learned that you can order everything online from the comfort of your home and then will ship them to you!

Tomato Soup Garden #ad #sponsored #BetterTogether

Another awesome reason (as if you need more than what’s already been said!!!) to buy Bonnie Plants at Walmart, is that these food plants are SNAP eligible and are a great way to grow healthy delicious food for your family!

To help your plants grow 2x as big as unfed plants, don’t forget to buy Miracle-Gro All Purpose Plant Food and Miracle-Gro Potting Mix (bonus: it’s also American made). In my opinion, and from what I’ve seen, this is definitely a brand that you can trust! The combo of these three things together makes for some beautiful plants! Anyone – and I mean anyone – can do it!

Even I, the master of killing flowers, has successfully grown tomatoes, basil, and chives with Bonnie Plants, Miracle-Gro Plant Food, and Miracle-Gro Soil. Lucky for me, my mom (The Master of all gardens) agreed to come and help me with my garden and teach me her ways. Next year, I plan to pull out the big guns and do a full blown in the ground garden in my back yard!! I simply can not wait. Fresh vegetables and herbs right in my backyard is something I crave and need in my life! Trust me, your homecooked meals will be taken over the top with fresh herbs and veggies! I noticed the difference my first year as a married woman.. away from home.. when I didn’t have the fresh herbs and veggies that I had always had! I told myself, Never again! I have got to have fresh again in my life. No matter what it takes! Which means… momma Ruthie gets to teach me.

We set up our Tomato Soup Planter Garden with the three largest plants in the center, so in this case it’s the tomato, basil, and parsley plants.  Then add in the spinach and chives around them.  It’s helpful to place your purchased plants where you think you want them to be in the planter just to make sure they’ll all fit and you know where you want them before you plant them.  Another trick is to place a few rocks in the bottom of the planter before you add the dirt so that it can drain really easy and keep your Tomato Soup Planter Garden happy!

Remember to save the tags in case you ever want to get that exact variety again and they make great markers too! Today, we are starting our planter garden in the house for the next several weeks until it’s warm enough to move it outside.  The awesome part about growing your own produce is it keeps producing all summer long!  We will come back in to visit our little Tomato Soup Planter Garden in about 2 months so you can see the progress and to delight in our tomato soup recipe made completely from scratch.

Plant your own Tomato Soup Planter Garden this weekend!

We are delighted to share our Tomato Soup Planter Garden update with you!! This is about 6 weeks after we first planted our garden! We have been diligent in watering the plants and making sure that they have enough sun light!

It will be fun watching these plants continue to grow! I personally can’t wait till the tomatoes arrive. YUM!!! I love fresh garden tomatoes.


Much Love and Peace~

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