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Follow your Heart!

Happy Valentines Day!  We’re diving into a little different spin on love today. . . more of a love of life! Sometimes, when the path is not clear all it takes is a leap of faith and to Follow your Heart!

I love this quote by rumi. . . 

Follow your Heart!

This past week I made my Grandma’s New England Clam Chowder, which has always reminded me of her. In fact, it’s one of my family’s favorite winter recipes. Enjoying a warm bowl of her chowder has always been so comforting to me, kind of like she’s right there with me . . . laughing and talking and cooking together again. I feel so much love and gratitude for her and all that she has meant in my life. My Gram (as we called her) had a cooking show in the 1960’s called, “What’s Cooking with Louise Connolly.” Her show was the inspiration for my blog, and I’m humbled to share the love of cooking and recipes that she instilled in me with all of you. I have always dreamt to one-day cook on TV like she did. Through sharing the love of cooking that she passed to my mom and then to me, that dream has come true. I love sharing my passion for cooking on Fox13 The Place once a month. 

Follow your Heart!

I’m filled with gratitude for the legacy left by my grandmother. Gram has and still does inspire me in my cooking and culinary creations. If I am ever in need of inspiration, I just ask her what to do. I am suddenly filled with a flood of ideas, and I know it’s her. Although she passed away over 20 years ago now . . . she’s there to guide, inspire, and love me. I miss her and love her dearly. 

What do you love to do?  Can you take it and make into something to share or serve others around you?  Even though there are 7.125 billion of us on this planet we all call home, we are all born with a unique talent, a special way to help in the world that no one else has!  Discover it and discover the joy that can be apart of living. ????❤


Follow your Heart & Happy Valentines Day! 

Love and Peace, 



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