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Meet Madeliene

Meet Madeliene, my daughter, and new co-blogger here at Cooking with Ruthie! 

Madeliene Louise is my oldest child and she’s actually the one who helped get Cooking with Ruthie up and running 6 1/2 years ago.  From the very beginning, she helped set up the first blog platform, showed me how to create a post, and then just like that… I was off and running.  Life has a way of circling back around, as you all know! 

So, today, we’re happy to announce that she’s coming on board to co-blog with me!  


Meet Madeliene, my daughter and new co-blogger at Cooking with Ruthie!

Madi has been working behind the scenes around here for a while now. I’m excited to announce that she’ll be sharing her own recipes and posts too!  Oh… and once in awhile, you may even get to see the grandbabes, Carter, her adorable son, around here too! 🙂 

Madi’s an excellent writer and loves to share her passion for life in this way. I’m happy that she’ll be sharing this gift with us.  Madi is married to Spencer and they have an adorable little boy, (my first grandson) Carter Michael.  She’s a psychology major, momma, and balancing home, life, and work beautifully!   I love her very much.  I’m so grateful for the amazing woman that she is and the way she shares her light with all of those around her.  I’m thrilled to have her be apart of Cooking with Ruthie! 

Meet Madeliene, my daughter and new co-blogger at Cooking with Ruthie!

I’m so happy to have you Meet Madeliene!  I’m excited and grateful to have her “officially” apart of the Cooking with Ruthie team! 

I hope your holidays were wonderful and may peace and blessings abound in the upcoming year!

Much Love and Peace~

Madi and Ruthie

Chef Ruthie

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