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Italian Soda Bar with Amoretti

Italian Soda Bar with Amoretti was a beautiful addition to our recent wedding festivities!

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Madi and Spencer 5.14.16

As most of you know, my daughter Madi got married about a month ago and I’ve been itching to share with you some of the wonderful food and photo’s from their special day!

Megan of Meg Bed Photo was our photographer and all of these amazing photo’s are taken by her!  Our wedding planner was Michelle of Michelle Corinne and she saved us time and time again… both of these ladies were incredible to work with and we totally recommend them, they’re amazing!

I thought it would be fun to share with you how to make your own Italian Soda Bar with Amoretti  flavored syrups~ everyone always loves these creamy, sweet, and refreshing beverage.

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We have a love of Italian Soda’s~ they’re so versatile!  We’ve served them at events ranging from this fancy wedding, to sweet 16 birthday parties, to back yard BBQ’s too.  No matter the type of occasion, your guests will be found pleasantly sipping on them throughout the entire event!

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All you need is:

Amoretti Flavor Syrups (we used one pump per serving)

1/2 cup ice

1/2 cup sparkling water

1 tablespoon whipping cream

10 ounce clear cups


Add ice to cup, then 1 pump Amoretti Flavor Syrup, soda water, and cream.  Allow guest to stir with straw, sip, and enjoy!

*Hold cream on ice to keep cool.

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We made it pretty by writing with chalk paint on mirrors through the Italian Soda Bar.  Chalk board stands are really cute too for more casual events.

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Madi and her Maidens

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We had a awesome mixologist prepare our Italian Soda’s for each guest but if your event is more casual then each guest could easily serve themselves too.  Just post a simple sign with instructions and let them have a fun time mixing up their own 🙂

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Italian Soda Bar with Amoretti is the perfect way to celebrate any event in your life!

I’ll be posting more wedding highlights through the next little bit!

Have a beautiful Monday!

Much Love and Peace~



Italian Soda Bar with Amoretti is the perfect way to celebrate any event in your life!

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