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Sharing a Sweet Future with Truvia®

*I have an ongoing partnership and love working with Truvia® all opinions expressed are my own

I feel so honored to be apart of Truvia® Kitchen Cabinet Team, working with them over the past couple of years has been a wonderful experience.  Truvia® is a company with huge heart and it’s from that heart that I’m humbled to be apart of Sharing a Sweet Future!


Launched in 2012, “Sharing a Sweet Future” is a three-year partnership between Truvia® and the United Nations World Food Programme that aims to combat childhood hunger in Bolivia. With nearly 40 percent of the Bolivian population unable to afford adequate food for a healthy life and 65 percent of all rural households unable to afford the minimum recommended caloric intake, the Truvia® brand launched its “Sharing a Sweet Future” initiative to help improve these communities.

As a result of this partnership, nearly $1 million in contributions from the Truvia® brand have been used to help reduce childhood hunger in Bolivia, a region of critical need with one of the highest rates of nutritional deficiencies in South America.


With the majority of Bolivia’s children consistently falling under the minimum daily caloric intake and suffering from nutritional deficiencies, “Sharing a Sweet Future” has helped to improve their lives and communities, through enhancing nutrition with micronutrient packets and decreasing health risks for families by establishing safer cooking conditions with clean stoves.

*cups“As [a] parent [I] am very satisfied that the children have a daily breakfast and lunch at the school. The products provided by WFP and the Municipality allow them to have a diversified diet.” –Adolfo Brito, Father

“The [students’ and teachers’] lunch ingredients were often sourced from local farmers, “helping lift those farmers out of chronic hunger and poverty themselves.”  Rick Leach, President and CEO of the World Food Program USA

*fire“Nicolas  Flores attends the 5th grade in the Huapi School in the Municipality of Poroma. Among other things, he says that he and his sister and brother are continuing their studies thanks to the school feeding program, as only his mother is supporting them.”  Ramiro Alvino, Field Monitor

“Truvia’s support came at a time when we didn’t have any resources, and were almost going to close this type of program.” Sergio Torres, head of Bolivia operations for the WFP

    • “Sharing a Sweet Future” program, the Truvia® brand set a goal to help establish self-sufficient communities, by equipping Bolivians with better means to achieve nutrition. The brand has:
      • Provided vegetable oil fortified with the highest level of Vitamin A nutrients and micronutrient powders in school meal baskets, to help children combat nutritional deficiencies
      • Purchased and installed energy-efficient, cleaner-burning cookstoves for Bolivian schools to use for safely cooking nutritious meals
    • Through its 3-year partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme, the Truvia® brand has:
      • Improved school meals for over 67,000 Bolivian schoolchildren
      • Installed 258 energy efficient stoves
      • Supplied 130 metric tons of fortified vegetable oil to cook 2 school meals per day.
  • The “Sharing a Sweet Future” campaign is one element of the Truvia® brand’s comprehensive corporate responsibility program. As the leading stevia brand, the company is committed to sourcing responsibly, stewarding natural resources and working to improve communities.


Truvia® brand’s partnership with the World Food Programme, as well as the impact the Sharing a Sweet Future initiative has had on the lives of Bolivian children and positively impacted rural Bolivian communities.  For more information on the impact this initiative has had, please view the Sharing a Sweet Future video series here.

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