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Heart Pom Poms

Miss Dru from Polkadot Poplars has brought a Valentines Day project for us today…

Heart Pom Poms and they’re just adorable!

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, but there’s still plenty of time to add that lovin’ feelin’ to your home. Here’s a couple of fun ideas to do just that.

I’m a huge fan of pom poms and they always add to any holiday decor, so I wondered if I could make heart shaped pom poms. I think they turned out pretty cute and the best thing is that they are easy and inexpensive to make.

Pom Pom Hearts by on to make Valentines Day festive!


Here’s how I made the pom poms:


  1. Wrap a good amount of yarn around your four fingers. The more you wrap, the bigger your heart will be.
  2. Remove the bundle from your hand. Cut an 8″ piece of yarn and slip it into the middle.
  3. Tie the yarn piece together tightly and knot.
  4. Cut the loops of the bundle.
  5. Start trimming until the bunch forms a ball. The key is the trimming and you will be cutting off quite a lot of the yarn. Flatten the ball.
  6. Decide where you want the point of the heart and cut.


On the opposite side of the point cut a notch. Round the sides and form the pom pom into a heart.

Heart Pom Pom by on to make Valentines Day festive!

You could also embellish these sweet hearts with pipe cleaner arrows.

Heart Pom Pom by on to make Valentines Day festive!





  • Each arrow takes one 12″ piece of pipe cleaner.
  • Start by forming a 1 1/2″ loop and wrap the end around the wire to hold in place.
  • Form a triangle with the loop.
  • Curl the opposite end around a pencil to form an arrow.
  • These can be hot glued to the back of the pom pom hearts.
  • For the cupcake toppers glue half a skewer stick into the point end of the heart.


Here’s another idea! How about making a garland with the pom pom hearts? I simply threaded them onto a long piece of yarn using a large needle.


I hope this has given you a few ideas for Valentine’s Day decor and wish you lots of love in your life.

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Have a fabulous Monday!!

Much Love and Peace~

Dru and Ruthie


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