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I Hope You Dance

It’s been awhile since we’ve had one our chats…

This past year has been one of introspection, healing, learning, and growing for me.

As a new year begins I like sum up my intentions with one word, this years word is~



This year I want to dance in the meadow of life; finding joy in every step.

Embracing each moment fully.


Striving to do the best I can, while knowing I don’t have to do perfectly.

That what I’m capable of doing is enough.

Finding Peace, Harmony, Balance, and Beauty in all aspects of my life.

To dream, To reach for the stars, To dance…



Whatever may come our way in this next year… I hope and pray we all have the courage to pick our feet and gracefully dance through it. 
Life is a beautiful adventure!

I hope you dance.

Much Love and Peace~
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Chef Ruthie is a professionally trained chef who specializes in bringing cuisines, cultures and culinary adventures to your kitchen. Chef Ruthie inspires readers to create in the kitchen, explore the world and find joy in all the many aspects of living!

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