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DIY Holiday Typography

Miss Dru from Polka Dot Poplars is here to visit today!  I love having her come each month… it’s time to get the Holiday Decor going and she’s brought an adorable project to share…

DIY Holiday Typography…

Hello Everyone! I am a huge fan of the holidays. Are you? However, decorating my home for each Fall and Winter Holiday can get overwhelming. I used to go all out for each special day, but it got to be too difficult and time consuming. I decided to simplify things, but yet create a fun atmosphere for my family. While I was weeding out items I no longer wanted to use I would either donate the items or pass them along to family members and friends. Storing all this stuff was also a problem, but not anymore.

This year I came up with an idea to create a statement piece that fills a lot of space and helps to create that Christmas feeling, but doesn’t take much room to store.

DIY Holiday Decor by on to inspire your holidays!

I love words and . I found these large wood letters at Hobby Lobby and have seen them used as a family name initial on a gallery wall, but they almost seemed too big to spell a whole word with. I then decided “why not spell a whole word”? It’s different and eye catching and perfect for the buffalo check and woodsy look I’m going for this year. I even decided to display them sideways.

DIY Holiday Decor by on to inspire your holidays!

All I did was give them two coats of red acrylic paint and once they were dry I lightly sanded them. I can also imagine adding red glitter for a more sparkly or elegant look.

Because the letters are made from a lightweight masonite I hung them up using 3M Command Strips. I love this product. Simply adhere two of the strips on opposite ends of the letters, attach the piece that goes against the wall on top of the strips that are on the letters, and then put where you would like them on your wall. Be sure to press firmly in place for several seconds.

DIY Holiday Decor by on to inspire your holidays!



DIY Holiday Decor by on to inspire your holidays!

What do you think? I kind of love the look.



DIY Holiday Decor by on to inspire your holidays! 6peace

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Happy Monday!

Much Love and Peace~


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