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You know I Love You, Right?

 You know I Love You, Right?


It was raining.

I watched the rivulets of water
cascade, like tiny streams, down the Blazer’s large windows.  The sky
was cast a gloomy, charcoal-gray–the melancholy color of a springtime
storm.  I listened to the steady swoosh-swoosh-swoosh of the
wipers as they valiantly fought to keep the rain off the windshield.  I
sat in stony silence, in the passenger seat, and stared out my watery

The minutes passed.  The miles rushed by.
The storm refused to relent.  I tried to read billboards and exit signs,
while James drove on in quiet frustration.

There were no wedding rings.  No anniversary dates.  No witty and rambunctious children.

It was just me.

I thought about how furious and hurt I was as I folded my arms across my
chest.  A tumultuous sea of emotions churned within my heart, invoked by
our petty, “young love” quarrel.  I tightly clenched my teeth in an
effort to keep the tears from flowing down my face.  I was not going to
let him see me cry.

The windshield wipers kept time with my heartbeat.  Swoosh-swoosh-swoosh.  James cleared his throat, and gently spoke my name:  “Aleisha?”  I refused to turn my head.

He sighed and said as sincerely as heaven, “You know I love you…Right?

glorious happened to the ‘feeling’ in the car the moment those words
were spoken.  The dark severity of the storm seemed to dissipate as I
looked at James’ cheek and the curvature of his jaw.  I saw a handsome
face that had become as familiar to me as my own.  I saw genuine love
there, too.

And that is what love does–it softens
hearts and crushes contention.  It’s a balm for pain and a guiding light
for the lost.  It has the ability to uplift, motivate, and inspire.  It
casts it’s warmth on the bitter chill of loneliness.  It brings joy to
the ordinary and “sparkle” to the mundane.  It can change a person for
the better.

Think of the people in your life.  The
people who never forget your birthday, who hold your hand when you’re
sad, who send you text messages about Oreos or Adam Levin, who
remind you that you’re terrific when you feel otherwise, who take the
time to listen, who support you by reading your “bloggy musings,” who
hug you and kiss you, who stand by your side when life’s challenges
overwhelm, who know your weaknesses and still see beauty, who make you
happy and laugh often.

Those precious people.


They know you love them…Right?

I love having Miss Aleisha come to share her awesomeness with us~You can laugh, and learn, and cry along with Aleisha at or find her on: Facebook// Pinterest// Google+Happy Friday!

xoxo~ Aleisha and Ruthie

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