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Sign of Love

I’m so happy to have our cute friend Dru from Polka Dot Poplars here visiting us today.

She’s brought an adorable Sign of Love DIY project to share!

I’ll turn it on over to her…

Does your house look empty after putting all your Christmas decor away? Mine does. I started going through my Valentine’s stuff and there wasn’t much. I debated if I should decorate a little with with a winter theme but decide a “Love” theme was more fun and it won’t be too long until that day is here. I decided I needed a sign and with a little rummaging through the supplies I already have this is what I came up with.

Sign of Love is an adorable DIY craft for your house this #valenitnes by on #craft #DIY


I have supply of old frames, wood, trims, rulers, etc.

I cut the corner off one of the frames and that is my “L”. I love little tart tins and this triangle tin looked close enough to a heart and the perfect “O”. I combined it with another metal piece I had and nailed the two pieces into the wood. An old ruler found at a thrift store was cut down to shape a “V” and some pieces of wood trim made my “E”.

The board I put the letters on is an old piece of drawer. I used a side piece that was already painted. I sanded it down quite a bit. I love the edges. I used E6000 glue to adhere the pieces.

My mind is churning with other sign ideas. I hope this inspires you, too.

Here’s a Valentine Treat idea I shared last year on my blog.

Valentine Candy Arrows

Happy Love Day!

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Much Love and Peace~
Dru and Ruthie

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