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Happy October

Happy October!

It’s October!  Can you believe it?  I love this time of year.  I love when the leaves change color–trading their vibrant green hues for rich shades of red, orange, and gold.  I love when the temperatures drop, warranting sweaters and scarves and boots!  I love Halloween candy (no surprise there) and I love carving pumpkins with my family.  I love decorating my house for the season.

Every year I pull out the autumn/Halloween decorations and get to work.  I turn our basement into a bat cave.  I hang crepe paper ghosts from the ceiling.  I adorn my kitchen table with a candy corn table cloth.

And, I hang a paper skeleton on my pantry door.

Oddly, Ms. Lilly is attached to the skeleton.  (With the non-threatening, goofy-looking face.)  She refers to him (and yes, we are assuming it is a male) as “Buddy.”  I know.  It’s kooky.

“Can I sleep with Buddy?,” she asks.


“Can Camren put Buddy in the tub?”

Nope.  He’ll dissolve.

“Can I take Buddy to school?,” she inquires, hopeful.

No, Lilly!

And onto the pantry door he goes.

Our paper skeleton is the kind that comes with brads attached to the bones, creating moveable joints.  Throughout the month of October, his “poses” frequently change.  My family members are the culprits, and they think it’s hilarious.  Sometimes Buddy’s bony legs are positioned to resemble a rousing Irish jig.  Sometimes his arms are raised above his head in a symbol of jubilation.  Sometimes his arms bend at the elbows, forming ill-shaped “Ls” that make him look like a marionette on strings.  Occasionally, one hand rests atop his head as if he’s trying to scratch an itch.  (Or maybe soothe a headache caused by all the raucous at the McD abode.)  Ninety-nine percent of the time, Lilly is responsible for Buddy’s morphisms.

Last year–on a beautiful, crisp, October morning–I walked past the pantry and into the kitchen, casually glancing at the skeleton.  I stopped in my tracks and turned on my heel, eager to retrace my steps for a “second look.”  This is what I found:


Hmm…  Apparently, Lilly felt it necessary for Buddy to cover his…privates??  Perhaps Buddy is a…modest skeleton??

Either way, I can’t wait to see what poses await me this year!  Happy October!


A huge Thank You to Miss Aleisha!  I love having her come and share with us each month- she makes me smile!

You can laugh, and learn, and cry along with her at or find her on: Facebook// Pinterest// Google+


Happy Friday!

xoxo~ Aleisha and Ruthie

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