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Bubble Wrap Fall Tree Craft

Y’all are going to love this adorable Bubble Wrap Fall Tree Craft…

I’m excited to have Rachel from I Heart Crafty Things visiting with us today!  She always has the funnest projects and activites to inspire you and the little kiddos in your life.
I’ll turn it over to her…
Our weather in Utah has been pretty amazing lately! It’s almost as if Mother Nature forgot about the last month of summer and we are having a super early fall. I am loving it! To go along with our excitement for Fall, my daughter and I made a Fall Tree Craft that I’m excited to share with you today.
Bubble Wrap Fall Tree by on
  • bubble wrap
  • scissors
  • black and brown marker
  • red, orange and yellow paint
  • 3 paint brushes
  • 3 small paper plates
  • blue cardstock paper
  • brown cardstock paper
  • glue stick
1. Start by using your black marker to draw the top of a tree shape on the back of your bubble wrap (the side without the bubbles) and use your scissors to cut it out.
2. Pour a small amount of red, yellow and orange paint on your 3 paper plates. Use your paintbrushes to paint the different colors all over your bubble wrap tree shape.

Bubble Wrap Fall Tree by on

3. Once you have finished painting your bubble wrap, turn it over and press it onto the top center of your blue cardstock paper. Set it aside to dry.
4. While your paint is drying, cut a tree trunk out of your brown cardstock paper. For my daughter (just turned 4 years old), I drew a rectangle shape on her brown paper and had her cut it out. This makes great scissor cutting practice for preschoolers.
5. After your paint is dry, use your glue stick to glue your trunk onto your tree.
Bubble Wrap Fall Tree by on
6. Finish your tree by using your brown marker to draw tree branches inside the bubble wrap, on top of the tree trunk.
Bubble Wrap Fall Tree by on
I love how these turned out! In my tree (below left) I left my colors more separate from each other, but my daughter (below right) mixed her colors together more and I really liked the effect she got from it
Bubble Wrap Fall Tree by on
My favorite part of this project is how family-friendly it is. Toddlers up to older kids and even parents will enjoy making it.
Bubble Wrap Fall Tree by on



Have you been over to visit Rachel?  You’ll have so much fun… visit her at:
 Or find her on:  Facebook// Google+// Twitter// Pinterest// Instagram
Happy Wednesday!
xoxo~ Rachel and Ruthie

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