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Tissue Paper Flower Art

I’m SO excited to introduce you all to Rachel from I heart Crafty Things She’s brand new to our Creative Team and I’m just thrilled to have her share fun ideas for you and your kids or grandkids to make together!

Rachel’s Tissue Paper Flower Art are so adorable- you’ll love them!  AND with that, I’ll turn it on over to her….

Hi, I’m Rachel from I Heart Crafty Things and I’m excited to be here on Cooking with Ruthie to hopefully rub off a bit of my love of kids craftiness on you. I love creating and crafting with my kids! It started out as a fun thing I did with my oldest when he was a toddler and over the years it’s turned into priceless quality time spent with all of my children.
Today I’m sharing with you a simple Tissue Paper Flower Art Project that is great for all ages and turns out vivid and beautiful.

Tissue Paper Flower Art by on


Materials you will need:
  • white sheet of cardstock paper
  • blue watercolors (we used liquid watercolors)
  • paint brush
  • tissue paper (variety of colors)
  • scissors
  • school glue
  • green crayon
1. Start by using your blue watercolors to paint your white sheet of cardstock. Set it aside to dry completely.
Tissue Paper Flower Art by on

2. While your paper is drying, cut up different colors of tissue paper squares to use for your flowers.
Tissue Paper Flower Art by on

3. Now it’s time to make your flowers on your artwork. Start by adding a dot of glue on your paper and put a tissue square on it. Add another dot of glue in the center of that tissue paper square and layer another tissue paper square on top of it, turning it so it sits in a different direction than the first tissue paper square. Continue by layering 4 tissue paper squares to make a flower. (For added texture you can crinkle the squares slightly before putting them on your paper.)
4. Finish your flower by crinkling up a tissue paper square into a ball and gluing it to the center of the flower.

Tissue Paper Flower Art by on

5. Continue making flowers in different colors all over your paper, as many as you like.

6. Finish your artwork by using a green crayon to draw flower stems on your flowers.
Tissue Paper Flower Art by on

Even young children can have fun creating this artwork. Here is my three year old’s finished project pictured below.

A wonderful children’s story to accompany this craft would be Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert.


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Isn’t Rachel amazing!  I’m totally in love her Tissue Paper Flower Art… she has tonz of creative and fun activities to make with your kiddos over on her blog!

Make sure to visit her at: or find her on:  Facebook// Google+// Twitter// Pinterest// Instagram
Happy Wednesday!
xoxo~ Rachel and Ruthie

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