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Jack, Lila, and LUVSOME

Happy Monday Morning 🙂

Jack, Lila, and I are excited to share an awesome new LUVSOME pet food with y’all- plus a chance to win some of your very own and a Kroger giftcard too. Don’t miss it at the end of the post!  Whoot-whoot.

Y’all know how much I love our dogs~ Jack and Lila!   They’ve even got their very own page on my blog cuz I just love them SO much…

Jack and Lila

Jack, Lila, and LUVESOME by

SO, when I was approached about giving a new dog food a try… I have to admit I was a little leary.  I mean who wants to deal with upset stomachs and unhappy doggies, right?!

I’d already been playing with the idea of making a switch because my Jack has a sensitive stomach and it seemed like he wasn’t doing well with the brand I had him on plus, I wanted to get both Jack and Lila on the same food just to make life a little easier.

Jack, Lila, and LUVESOME by

I decided to give LUVSOME dog food a try and when my package arrived with step by step instructions on how to make an easy switch plus that adorable photo of my Jack and Lila~ I knew that it was a match made in heaven!  A company that cares that much about the presentation of their product would also care as much about the health of my dogs.

Jack, Lila, andLUVSOME by

I ran over to our local neighborhood Kroger Store and found their new line of cat and dog food products without any trouble at all…

Jack, Lila, andLUVSOME by

I headed back home with hopeful expectations of Jack and Lila approving… afterall they did get the final say 🙂

Jack, Lila, andLUVSOME by


Jack, Lila, andLUVSOME by

When I got home they were all excited to see me (like usual) but then I opened the handy-dandy resealable bag that LUVSOME bags feature and let them check it out… needless to say, they were very interested.

Jack, Lila, andLUVSOME by

They were SO happy to try it I didn’t have any trouble at all snapping some cute photo’s of them enjoying LUVSOME!  (Check out Lila’s tongue licking her lips in the last photo above- haha!)

Jack and Lila are on their second bag of LUVSOME dog food and the transition went seemlessly.  I just followed the switch over recommendations and we didn’t have a single problem 🙂 Except Lila… she’s a pretty smart little doggie and she would spit out the old dog food and only eat LUVSOME.  She’s a little stinker 🙂

Jack, Lila, andLUVSOME by

Now, for the really exciting part…

Y’all get a chance to enter to win and there’ll be two lucky winners!  Each winner will win a LUVSOME kit that contains the switch materials, a coupon for free LUVSOME, and a $50 Kroger gift card for each winner!

YAY!!   I know your dog or cat will love LUVSOME as much as Jack and Lila do 🙂


Have a super awesome Monday…

xoxo~ Ruthie
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PS~  This was a sponsored opportunity and the opinions shared are genuine and my own 🙂 

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  1. Leidy says:

    Thank you for the chance to win! Following you both on instagram as neiddyruiz