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Miss Aleisha’s here to inspire us with her awesomeness…



Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to San Jose for the tenth annual BlogHer conference.  Mamas and Friends, it was a kick in the pants!  There was an abundance of good food, awesome swag, and talented and creative women were everywhere!  The city of San Jose was also a pleasant surprise, with lots of palm trees and architectural charm.

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The highlight of my experience was listening to the beautiful and brilliant, Arianna Huffington, give the Friday morning keynote address.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  She was so witty and poignant that I left the conference center contemplating ways to entice her to be my best friend.  “Oh hey, Arianna, I’ll do your laundry every day for a year if you’ll be my bestie…”

Arianna is an author and syndicated columnist.  (And she’s Greek, which is totally dreamy!)  But she is best known for her news website, The Huffington Post.  Frobes magazine considers her to be one (of many) of the most powerful and influential women in the world.

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She said a number of things in her speech that really resonated with me:

-We are more concerned about our smart phones than we are about ourselves.

-Disconnect from the everyday world in order to reconnect with yourself.

-Stop glamorizing being busy!

-“No” is a complete sentence.  Use it.

So how do we do that?  How do we disconnect from a technologically driven world?  How do we regroup, recharge, and refocus?  Are we taking care of ourselves?  Are we nourishing our own unique and special spirits?

Take time to meditate. Write in a journal.  Read an actual book…you know, with pages you can touch with your fingertips!  End your day with a bubble bath.  Get a pedicure with a girlfriend.  Take a yoga class.  When it’s time for bed, move all of your electronic devices out of your room!  (Who sleeps with their phones under their pillows?!  Hmm?  Hmm?!)  Ride a bike.  Get a massage.  Dedicate one day a week to completely disconnect from the world.  No blogging, no social media, no email.  (Does that make you clammy!?)  Make a list of your blessings.  Make a list or your priorities; remove any “non-essentials” and simplify.  These small yet noteworthy changes will prove beneficial to your heart and soul in the long run, I promise.  Try one!  You deserve time to take care of marvelous, marvelous you.

Simplify by on

And now I have to sign off, my darlings.

My bath is ready.


I love Mama Leisha and I’m so grateful to have her as a contributor.

Have you been over to visist her?  You can laugh, and learn, and cry along with her at or find her on: Facebook// Pinterest// Google+


Happy Friday!

xoxo~ Aleisha and Ruthie


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