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The Things We Love

Aleisha from She Calls Me Mama Leisha is here with us today!

I love all of Aleisha’s writing- this is a beautiful post from her on The Things We Love…

With the approach of Valentine’s Day this month, it is only natural to pause and reflect on the things we LOVE.  The things we hold dear to our HEARTS.  I’ve been thinking a lot about what I love, and my reflections can best be conveyed in the following little story:

It was a snowy, frigid afternoon–the kind that makes you crave hot chocolate and the comfort of fluffy slippers.  I was sitting on my bed, busily folding my laundry when Cam approached me.

“Mom, lunch is all gone.  Can I have a treat?,” he asked.

“Sure, little man,”  I said, as I tossed some socks into my laundry basket.  He followed me into the kitchen, where I grabbed a small bowls of Skittles from the counter.  I told him he could pick five to eat.  He looked at the colorful candies and carefully selected a red one, a green one, and three blue ones.

“You like the blue Skittles?  Are they your favorite?,” I asked.

“Oh yes,” he replied, sweetly, “They are BEAUTIFUL!”

And THAT, my dear friends, is exactly why I love children.  My children!  They know how to celebrate the small things.  They appreciate simple pleasures.  Their hearts–so often filled with unbridled joy and wonder–are sweetly precious, infinitely sincere.

As parents, it is our blessing and privilege to love our children; to teach them and to learn alongside them.  And like Camren’s beloved blue Skittles, they are beautiful too!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Mama Leisha!


A huge hug and thanks to Aleisha… what a beautiful reminder to treasure our families and love the little things everyday.

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Happy Monday!

xoxo~ Ruthie

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