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Eggnog Overload Cupcakes

We are in the kitchen with Sandy from !
She’s brought us an Eggnog dessert that will make the holidays even a little bit merrier.
I’ll turn it on over to her…
First of all, I want to give a shout out and big thanks to +Ruthie Knudsen, blogger of What’s Cooking With Ruthie for giving me the opportunity to guest blog today. Thanks! Now let’s begin.

It’s that time of year when the world falls in love.

Every song you hear seems to say,
“Merry Christmas! May your New Year dreams come true.”

It’s REALLY that time of year when the world falls in love with sugary goodness! There are so many yummy treats around the holidays like fruit cake…nah, I’m just kidding…sugar cookies, fudge, chocolate covered peanut butter balls, and my personal favorite, egg nog! I could drink that stuff like chocolate milk, by the half gallon! Of course, I’d be sick and many pounds heavier post Christmas, but it goes down so cold and smooth. Who can resist? Not me!

Last Christmas, I was asked to make a few holiday cupcakes for an office Christmas party. I decided on two fall cupcakes for Thanksgiving and one Christmas cupcake. My Christmas cupcake, hands down, was the favorite among everyone! I was pleasantly surprised and have had requests for it this year.

Eggnog Overload Cupcakes by on

What cupcake is it you ask? The Eggnog Overload Cupcake. If you love eggnog as much as I do then you’ll be bouncing off the walls after one bite of this ridiculously insane cupcake! It’s an eggnog flavored cupcake with an eggnog filling, topped with a glorious eggnog whip cream. Hello!!! And I have the recipe for you below. A little Christmas gift from me to you.

Eggnog reminds me of my childhood at Christmastime. I have so many memories of helping my mom bake (or trying to help) in the kitchen. She always had Christmas music playing…still does…and I play Christmas music while I’m baking now too. She made cookies, breads, and fruit cake. Yup, fruit cake. I think she gave it to relatives she didn’t care for. Just kidding, mom! Dad kept the egg nog stocked in the fridge as well as Christmas flavored ice creams in the freezer. We had it made in the sugary goodness department. The holidays are sentimental to me. I love being with my family. There really is nothing like home for the holidays and eggnog!

As I look back at 2013, it’s filled with many blessings and many struggles. As I’ve shared previously about our struggles with pregnancy, Christmastime has been the bearer of bad news; that we have a 1% chance of getting pregnant on our own and a failed surgery attempt to correct the issue, all of which happened in December. December has been marked by these facts and I’ve had to learn to look beyond them and find joy at Christmas. Please watch my IVF video to learn a bit more about my husband and myself, and our journey. There have been many blessings, one of which, is being intentional about seeing my family more, whether they come to me or I go to them. And finding myself through creativity – DIY, baking, blogging – all of which have breathed life into me.

This New Year, the dream I want to come true is having a baby. Until then, I’ll stay joyful in spending time with my family, sipping eggnog (yeah right – more like inhaling), and eating my Eggnog Overload cupcake.

So, as they say in the song, “Merry Christmas! May your New Year dreams come true.”


Pillsbury White Cake Mix (plus ingredients listed on box)

Substitute egg nog for water

 Follow instructions on cake mix box substituting eggnog for water.
Beautiful cupcakes! If you’re going to use a box cake mix, I recommend Pillsbury.
From my experience, other cake brands don’t rise well. They flatten and spread all over my pan.
Eggnog Filling
I found the recipe for this eggnog filling at Just A Pinch Recipes.
5 Tbsp all purpose flour

1 1/4 c eggnog1 c butter, softened3/4 c sugar1 tsp vanilla1/4 tsp ground nutmeg

This is the tricky part of the recipe, the filling. Follow the direction below.
Be very careful and watchful because if your pot is too hot, your mixture will curdle.
Very low heat to start will save you in the end.


1. Combine flour and a small amount of eggnog in a pan; stir until smooth.

2. Stir in remaining eggnog; bring to a boil (I stay on medium heat), stirring CONSTANTLY with a whisk.

3. Cook and stir constantly for 2 minutes then remove. Consistency should be smooth. If it’s lumpy, unfortunately the mixture is ruined.


5. In large bowl or using stand mixer,cream butter and sugar; add vanilla and nutmeg.

6. Gradually beat in cooled eggnog mixture.

Fill your pastry bag and use a round tip.
Insert tip directly into center of cupcake and fill until you begin to see cupcake expand.

Eggnog Whip Cream

1 cup heavy whipping cream

1 cup eggnog
1 Tbsp sugar

nutmeg to taste


1. Combine whipping cream and eggnog in mixer with whisk attachment.
2. While the mixer is beating, slowly incorporate sugar.
3. When mixture has reached soft peaks, grate in fresh nutmeg to taste, mixing to incorporate.
And there you have it folks!

Thank you so much to Sandy for coming and sharing her delicious Eggnog Overload Cupcakes with us!  I am a huge fan of Eggnog myself and they look and sound delightful 🙂 


I was touched by Sandy and her husbands journey… I am positive that God gives us experiences to make us better people.  In one way or another we all go through things that are difficult, that make us stretch and grow and I am SO grateful that Sandy and her husband have opened up this very personal part of their lives.

Take a minute to visit Sandy, she’s a new blogging friend of mine and read their story at Shop Girl Daisy!  

Or find her on google+ and Facebook


Happy Thursday!
xoxo~ Sandy and Ruthie


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  1. Deborah Wilkins says:

    Sandy: I am a healthcare consultant located in Durham, NC. I work with one of the best IVF clinics on the planet. The two doctors were associated with Duke University Medical Center for many years and have now gone out on their own with a private practice here in Raleigh. If you have the ability to seek care in this area, please let me know and I will be happy to facilitate the referral. They are the most wonderful doctors you will ever meet and have great success with IVF. It would be my pleasure to help you in any way possible.

    • Sandy says:

      Thank you Deborah for your thoughtfulness. My husband & I are currently under the care of a Doctor in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, currently raising funds via and getting in shape in preparation for IVF ICSI. We hope & pray for a miracle but are preparing for a miracle through IVF also.

  2. Pat Hill says:

    What an awesome blog, full of wonderful thing to eat!! How wonderful it is that Ruthie has asked you to join her this day. You get to share your awesome EGGNOG cupcakes and your (NEW venture) in life. God does open up new avenues. Your blog today is absolutely hysterical. Daddy and I laughed and laughed. We won’t be laughing long because after the holidays we will be trying to lose the weight from eating those delectable cupcakes that you are bringing to our house! I have a fruitcake for you.