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Simplify Supper

I’m excited to share a really great site with you today… Simplify Supper!

Krista is passionate about helping families have healthy, simple, tasty meals- Simplify Supper will simplify your life 🙂

AND who doesn’t need a little bit of that once-in-a-while!  (or every day of our lives)   I’m happy to introduce you to Krista and I’ll let her take it from here…


My name is Krista Numbers and my mission is simple- to relieve the stress that goes into meal planning so you can enjoy the time around the dinner table with your loved ones.

Krista from

I had my first three children in 3 ½ years.  Talk about survival mode!  A trip to the grocery store was up there on the pain scale with natural childbirth.  I tried to be organized.  I would write out grocery lists just to leave them at home, lose them on my way to the store and oh, there was that time I went to get my infant out of the car and realized she had eaten half the list on the way.  Not our finest moment.

I knew that family meal time was important for so many reasons.  Healthier meals, less money than eating out and quality family time just to name a few.  But how could I enjoy that quality time with the sick amount of stress I was feeling just trying to plan what to feed my crew and forgetting those needed ingredients at the store?  I knew I wasn’t alone in my plight.  Other moms (and dads) I knew who were also trying to make family meal time a reality had their own stories of insanity and frustration.

I figured there had to be a better way.  Surely someone had created a resource for us peaceful family mealtime wannabes.  I found a few sites with meal plans.  They tell you what to make and when.  That was helpful but not exactly what I had in mind.   I wanted it to do the work for me but still allow me to tailor it to my family’s size, allergies, likes, etc.  I also wanted an organized grocery list.  Break it down by aisle in the grocery store so I can take one trip through I begged, just one trip!  That’s all I can handle with kids in tow.  Oh and give me coupons, lots of coupons that I can use anywhere.  And while you’re at it I told my imaginary deliverer from meal time despair, keep it simple!  Give me simple meals that don’t cost a lot or take a lot of time to prepare.  I like to cook but let’s be real- my kids don’t do gourmet.

Free Weekly Meal Calendar

When I couldn’t find the resource I wanted, Simplify Supper became my next baby.  I have since spent the last few years making that vision a reality for me and other busy homemakers to use as a resource.  What an amazing and fun journey it has become.  I have been amazed at the positive feedback from members who have joined the Simplify Supper family and I am so grateful it has been useful for so many people who share my same goal of making family mealtime a reality.  My team and I are continuing to add new features all the time that save our members time, money and most important, sanity.

Shopping List

I am inviting you to join our family and share your feedback with me.  You can try it out at

Much love and happy eating!



That’s just SO great!  I can’t wait to give it a try… even with as much as I love cooking, I could use some easy ideas to speed up my foodie life too 🙂

You can follow Krista on Facebook at and jump on over to visit her too!.

Happy Friday!!

xoxo~ Krista and Ruthie

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