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Berry Mint Ice Cubes

I’m SO thrilled to have Angelina from JoJo and with us today!

She is just fabulous and I was SO happy to get to meet her at Snap- the blog conference I recently attended!  She’s completely wonderful and talented AND the graceful mother of 6- I just adore her and I know you’ll love her just as much…

AND here’s some even more exciting news!!  Angelina is joining our Creative Team as a monthly contributor 🙂  Whoo-hoo!

OKAY- I will turn it over to her now…

berry mint ice cubes, summer drinks, healthy water


Hello, What’s Cooking With Ruthie, Readers! My name is Angelina and you can find me blogging over at JoJo and Eloise. I am so excited to be here today.

I have been following Ruthie for a little while and had the Great pleasure of meeting her in person. Can I just say she is just about as SWEET as they come. SERIOUSLY!!!

So if this just so happens to be your first visit here, your certainly going to want to stick around. So get signed up to receive her post updates via email, you won’t be sorry that you did.

I PROMISE I am not getting paid to say all this.. LOL!!! I just HONESTLY love this girl 😉


I know some of you out there are still experiencing cold weather and probably don’t ever think Spring will ever arrive. However there really is some Heat going on, like in our case we have been in the 90s this whole week. Believe me I would GLADLY trade with any of you who are living in the colder climates. I am so over this heat and that’s not a good thing, being we haven’t reached summer tempts yet.

So today I thought I would share, what my family and I have been doing to stay cool. It’s so easy and so Very Refreshing.

What you’ll need:

Filtered Water, Ice Cube Tray, Fresh Berries, ( you can also use frozen, I find the Fresh look prettier ) and Mint.

flavored ice cubes, mint , berries

Wash your Berries and Mint, thoroughly and cut your Strawberries into small pieces. Hand tear your mint into small sizes and place a mixture into each Ice Cube tray.


berry mint ice cubes, summer treat, spring. refreshing drinks


Fill your Tray up with water and Place in your Freezer.

berry mint ice cubes,flavored water


Once completely Frozen, Pop them out and enjoy.

I used ROOM temp water for these pictures. So my Ice melted pretty quick. If your serving them for guest or a party, it would be better to use COLD water so that your Cubes don’t melt so quickly.


Berry Mint, Ice Cubes,  Summer Drinks, Refreshing

Our kids enjoy eating them like little, hand held popsicles.

Either way, they are a PRETTY and REFRESHING little treat.


Berry Mint Ice Cubes, Summer Treats, Berries

Thank you so much, Ruthie for having me over.

I would love for you to stop by and say hello!

Berry Mint Ice Cubes are a deliciously refreshing addition to any beverage for the warm weather that will be knocking on all of our doors very soon!!

Thank You so much Angelina for sharing with us 🙂

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Doesn’t Angelina have amazing skills with a sewing machine!  Make sure to go over and visit a little bit with her…

Happy Friday and we hope you have a wonderful weekend!

xoxo~ Angelina and Ruthie

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  2. Such a great idea ~ and the photography is distinctively sweet Angelina’s!

    • Ruthie says:

      Yes mam…. don’t you just adore Angelina! She is just the sweetest little thing ever 🙂 I am excited to try this tasty treat … xoxo~ Ruthie