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You never forget your first love, do you?

I’m so excited to introduce you all to my adorable and spunky friend, Aleisha, she’s just about the cutest little thing you’ll ever meet.  I’m SO glad to have her share with us once month as a Contributor!  Make sure to visit her at She calls me Mama Leisha.


You never forget your first love, do you?

Mine was a boy named Brandon.  Just the sound of his name made my heart flutter.  He was beautiful.  Firm jaw.  Tousled, light brown hair.  Sparkling teeth.  Sexy green eyes.  He was your typical “dreamboat”–charming, friendly, charismatic, perfect.  Every girl I knew was in love with him.  He was the most wonderful second grader in my school!

Me in second grade!

Brandon and I were students in Mrs. Johnson’s second grade class.  Although she was a nice teacher, most of us looked forward to recess; the best time of the day!  Recess gave us a break from arithmetic and chalkboards,  from spelling tests and art projects, and from sitting by Robert, the chronic nose picker.  It was not only “freedom” from work, but a time to chase Brandon around the playground in my favorite game–kissing tag.

I remember the warm autumn day I finally “planted” one on Brandon’s lovely lips.  I had been trying to catch him for weeks, and to no avail.  I would run, and he would run faster.  In a surprise attack, while he rested beneath a tree, I lunged at him…and I caught him!  I smooched him so good and hard I knew he would be mine forever.

Boy was I wrong!  He screamed, told me I had cooties, took off running, and refused to speak to me again.  I did what any emotionally invested girl would do–I cried.  Little did I know, that experience would prove to be the beginning of a number of heart breaks for me.  As years passed, and as I grew, there were other charming boys.  Other stolen kisses.  Other romances.  There were first dates and last dates.  Break-ups and tearful breakdowns.


HE walked into my life.  With dark brown eyes that knocked me off my feet and a kind
smile that melted my heart to a puddle.  He was tall and lanky, smart and athletic.  He laughed at my jokes.  He had nice lips.  He kissed me so I felt it in my kneecaps!  Eventually, he proposed marriage.  He whispered, “You’re beautiful,” on our wedding
day.  He cried when our exquisite daughter was born.  His face radiated joy when we welcomed a son into the world.  He taught me
all about what real love is; what it means to trust it, to feel it in my soul.

You never forget your last love, do you?

And when we play kissing tag…

he doesn’t run.



Thanks so much to Aleisha for sharing this delightful post with us and isn’t  just perfect for this time of year with Valentines Day right around the corner!

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Have a fabulous Friday and come back tomorrow to the Super Saturday Show & Tell link up party!!



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  1. Aleisha says:

    Yay!! Looks good! Thank you so much for this opportunity, Ruthie! I love ya like crazy, my friend!!

  2. I love this story! I can totally relate. I totally “loved” a boy named Brady from kindergarten until about 5th grade. All of the girls loved him too. It is funny to see how things end up in the end. I am REALLY glad things ended up the way they did for me instead of me choosing my happy ending in kindergarten!