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Chat with Ruthie… Seasons

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Seasons of life lately and I’ve decided they go way too fast!

The next I’ve realized is we hardly recognize that one is shifting into the next, until it’s already shifted.  I love my ‘To Everything There Is A Season’  sign that I bought many years ago.  I love it so much.  It’s a constant reminder, as it hangs on my kitchen wall, that I need to embrace each season.

The seasons of my life are beginning to shift, again, and we are starting a new phase…

My oldest daughter Madi, is graduating next week and will soon be off to college!  Can’t quiet wrap my mind around that whole deal BUT whether I like it or not it’s happening.  I love that girl (and all of my kiddos)…


Geez… it hardly seems right that it’s been 18 years since she came into my life.   She was a trick to get here,  I went into early labor when 6 months along with her and spent the last 3 months in bed rest.   (I think I still have the entire Sound of Music movie memorized)  But, she was worth it 🙂

Madi 1 week old

Madi was born to dance; she’s had rhythm since the day she was born and she LOVES to express herself through dancing!

We started her into a combination dance class with Miss Stephany in Texas when she was 2 1/2 years old.  She’d always dance around the house and knew every last step.

Madi and Miss Stephany March 1998

Madi and Miss Stephany March 1998

My Madi has always been an awesome kid… she is full of spunk, and charisma, and has such a contagious laugh.  She LOVES to be with friends!

Madi and friend before recital

Madi and friend before her first recital

Madi and BFF Amanda, age 14

Madi and BFF Amanda, age 13

Madi has danced her way across my heart and even though we’ve had our share of tough moments, like every mom and daughter does…she’s my first born, my little girl and now she’s blossomed into the sweetest, most caring and lovely young woman.

I admire so many things about her and she has so many amazing qualities that I am often awed that I was given the opportunity to be her mom.   I am grateful.

Madi Ballet

Madi Ballet ages 5 & 16 years

A long time favorite song of Madi and I’s is by Steven Curtis Chapman it’s simply called “Cinderella”


Over the years she’s learned and developed and has continued to excel with her dancing.  Watching her dance amazes me and makes me shed a tear to see what a beautiful dancer she has become… I want to share her senior piece with all of you.

She picked the music, costumes, lighting, her partner, found her prop, and choreographed this entire piece…


Madi’s going to college on dance and academic scholarships and we’re all so proud of her!  I’ve always talked to my kids about embracing this time in their lives… get educated, travel while you have time and money,  figure out what they want to be when they grow up, foster good friendships, and really learn who they are.  Make a strong foundation for the rest of their lives to be built on.

I’ve learned that each season in life passes all too quickly and I wish I would have embraced each moment a little more fully.  I wish I would have let the dishes sit a little more often and taken better advantage of all the little moments that life offers.

I’ve tried to do a little better as my kids have gotten older and I started to realize that the years were passing, I’m quite sure there is plenty of room to improve.

As I reflect over the past 18 years,  I hope everything Madi’s been taught will do right by her AND now I guess it’s time to watch her fly!  (whether I’m ready…or not)

I love you, Madeleine Louise 🙂



  1. Denette says:

    Beautiful Post!!

  2. Jacquie says:

    That is a perfect song for her! Dancing her way through life. So sad and so exciting all at the same time!

    • Ruth says:

      You’re right Jac, it’s always reminded me of her! AND my thoughts exactly…

  3. thanks for sharing that ruth. it inspires me to be better. congrats to madi. she’s become what she is because of you!!! you are a wonderful mom! madi, great job!!!

    • Ruth says:

      Aww Jeanna… that means so much coming from you! You guys inspire me everyday 🙂 xoxo

  4. Looks like Madi has a little Connolly in her, huh? Amazing young lady…Hug her for Aunt Colleen, K?? XOXO <3

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks Aunt Colleen! She’s definitely gotten that talent from somewhere, maybe it skips generations cuz I sure didn’t get it 😉

  5. Camille says:

    Congratulations to both of you! One phase complete. 🙂 It’s hard for me to believe that my kids are entering elementary school age already! All the baby giveaways and such, I now just pass over. So weird. I can only imagine what it’s like to have them18 and moving out. 🙂

    • Ruth says:

      I totally remember my kids going to Kindergarten, it seems like yesterday! Really. Maybe were never really ready to have days turn to months and then years and fly bye so quickly 🙂

  6. ahh such a sweet post. i will take good care of her down here at Dixie.

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks Auntie Louise… make sure she gets a home cooked meal once in awhile too 🙂

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