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Veggie Smoothie

Just saying this up front ~ DON’T judge the Veggie Smoothie by it’s picture!!  I know it’s  GREEN but it’s way better than you’re thinking it is right now : )   My son Jake (who’s favorite 3 food groups are nachos, cereal, and ramen noodles)  ate 2 full glasses of  it when I made it the other night!

AND what better way to get kids to eat their vegetables???  No more torture at the dinner table over 1/2 a sprig of broccoli… if you know what I’m saying!   You seriously can not taste them in the veggie smoothie and it’s super good too : )  FOR REALS!!



Veggie Smoothie


We just got back from a fabulous trip to Mexico (post coming!) with our friends Emily and Rob… while there Emily starts telling me about how they get their kids to eat their veggies!  AND I immediately thought of my Jake and how I wished he’d eat more than carrots, potatoes, and corn.  I made a batch of Veggie Smoothie when I got home… I already told you how much he loved it!!  (Which is nothing short of a miracle!)

Just a side note… you can put these together with any vegetables you have in the fridge!  I used 1 cup frozen fruit and 1 cup fresh… you can buy produce at a big box store (ie: costco, sams)  Cut it up and freeze it if it’s not used up in a week or so.  You can also buy bags of mixed frozen fruit there too.  So, have fun and try out any combo of delicious fruits and veggies!

Cheers to Veggie Smoothie and a much better way to get all those veggies we all need : )

Yield: 2

Veggie Smoothie...

Green Smoothie 07


  • 1 C 100% juice, i use Naked brand, look for it at Costco for a better value
  • 1 C spinach
  • 1/2 C carrots
  • 1/2 C broccoli
  • 1-2 to matoes
  • 2 C fruit, a combination of fresh and frozen works well... frozen makes it really cold
  • 1/2 an orange, with or without rind


  1. Blend juice and veggies until smooth. Add fruit and blend until smooth. Serve!


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