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Free Vintage E-Cookbook! by

We have this adorable vintage cookbook that Ruthie wrote back in 2013! Wow. Super fun! AND it literally holds all of our all time favorite family recipes. These family favorites haven’t changed for us… and I can’t imagine that they ever will! Each recipe has a story of how it won its way into our hearts and the people that we are connected to through their recipe. Life has taken us on many different paths, and the recipes collected along this journey are a wonderful way to remember those times, stories, and people.

I (Madeliene) make my Grandma Knudsen’s potato salad wayyy too often, if that’s even possible. 😉 And I’m quite famous for it, too. I have friends that ask me to make it and bring it to gatherings because they love it so much! I love to surprise my friends and family with it as well. When we go to family events and grandma asks what she can bring, we always say, “POTATO SALAD”! It is seriously that good. Oh, and last summer, when I made it for my dad, he said, “This tastes just like grandma made it!” Best. Compliment. EVER.

The infamous potato salad recipe is surely in this e-cookbook, along with our other golden recipes, and the majority of these recipes are not on the blog! Get them all now for FREE!

This is just a fun little thank you gift from us, to you, for being amazing followers and making CWR what it is! Pull up a chair and sit down with me at the kitchen table, and let’s enjoy a taste of these fabulous recipes together!

Click here to download our FREE vintage e-cookbook (E-book version)!

Kindle wouldn’t let us give it away for completely free; however, here is a link to our kindle version for .99 cents if you’d like. 🙂

We truly hope that you and your family can enjoy these recipes just as our family has for years.

Love Always,

Ruthie & Madeliene