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Strawberry Trifle

Strawberry Trifle how else do I describe this Trifle than by saying it’s a beautiful blend of flavors, strawberry with creaminess, AND just plain delicious!!   It’s a wonderful dessert to make for Mothers’ Day which is coming on Sunday, May 13th!!


Strawberry Trifle


AND the best part!!!  It’s really very simple to make…

* I got this recipe from my sister, Camey, so many years ago that I can hardly remember BUT it’s a fave of ours!!

I made this Strawberry Trifle  last weekend for my daughter, Madi’s 18th birthday!  I can hardly believe she is all grown up and getting ready to head off to college in the fall!  It’s just crazy how fast time flies… I’m pretty convinced that I will never stop saying that :/



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