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How our garden grows

How our garden grows is my NEW Monday post on our little garden!


Week 1

Our garden DOESN’T  grow with silver bells and cockle shells…  Nope. It’s more like sweat and blisters!  BUT, oh. my. word!  The taste of fresh tomatoes makes up for the whole little pain in the rear it is sometimes 🙂

These wonderful raised garden boxes before I was around BUT, oh how I love these little, almost weedless, wooden boxes of fabulous-ness!!

Our little garden boxes that Drew built!

Our little garden boxes that Drew built!

I love vegetable gardening stuff … AND I’ve pretty much always had a garden, however small, which we loved.

This year our garden boxes were in need of some fresh compost… so off to the Local Green Waste we went!  We bought 8 yards, which ended up being a small mountain!


I LOVE flowers… all kinds!  Here are a couple of photo’s of my spring bulbs, I planted 600 (yes, you read that right.. 600) bulbs last fall 🙂


I’m looking forward to sharing our garden with you all and maybe some helpful gardening tips too 🙂  AND of course lots of yummy, fresh from the garden recipes for you to enjoy!!


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