Lemon Garlic Steak Marinade

Lemon Pepper Steak Marinade on www.cookingwithruthie.com is a delicious way to grill your favorite steak!

Lemon Garlic Steak Marinade is a delicious way to grill your favorite steak- we love the hint of lemon, garlic, and splash of heat from the red pepper flakes!   This recipe was actually created by my son, Jake.  He had an assignment in his history class to create a recipe using a very basic list of ingredients from the early american time period and then make his recipe at home.  This … [Read more...]

Lemon Coconut White Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Lemon Coconut White Chocolate Chunk Cookies on www.cookingwithruthie.com are moist and delicious summertime cookie!

Lemon Coconut White Chocolate Chunk Cookies are moist and delicious summertime or anytime cookie!  Make a batch of these delightful cookies and watch the whole family smile with each bite :)  We've had so much rain this past week and even some snow again on the mountains- I'm happy to be seeing sunshine today.  I'm so not complaining at all- we've needed the moisture really badly … [Read more...]

Truvia Lemon Orange Tea

Truvia Lemon Orange Tea on www.cookingwithruthie.com to keep you warm on chilly spring nights!

Truvia Lemon Orange Tea to keep you warm on those chilly spring nights!  I honestly wouldn't survive the winter months without my evening cup of tea.  It's totally my "thing".  I look forward to snuggling up and enjoying my evening cup of tea ALL day long :) With all of that said I am sure you can imagine the incredible assortment of teas I've collected over the years. … [Read more...]

Oven Roasted Parmesan Asparagus

Oven Roasted Parmesan Asparagus on www.cookingwithruthie.com a savory side dish!

You'll love these quick and easy Oven Roasted Parmesan Asparagus - they're a beautiful side dish to any main course!  My love of asparagus began at a pretty young age... I was about 5 years old when my mom and sister and I would go to pick asparagus off the ditch banks in the town where we lived.  I thought they were the silliest looking little things and so intrigued that we … [Read more...]

Baked Blueberry Lemon Donuts

Baked Lemon Blueberry Donuts by www.cookingwithruhtie.com

I'm so happy to be bringing some of my Baked Blueberry Lemon Donuts for y'all to enjoy today! I love it when fresh blueberries are on sale and I can bake with them to my little hearts content.  I also like to freeze a bunch to use through the winter too.  Blueberries are one of my favorites~ did you realize how good they are for you?  They are.  Blueberries are packed with Vitamin C, … [Read more...]

Easy Lemon Sorbet

Easy Lemon Sorbet by www.onesweetappetite.com on www.cookingwithruthie.com

I'm SO thrilled to have Jesseca from One Sweet Appetite visiting with us today! She's brought a delighfully refreshing Easy Lemon Sorbet to share and Oh my goodness.  My mouth is totally watering just at the sight of it! I won't keep you waiting any longer...   It’s great to be back to share more recipes from One Sweet Appetite with all of you! Today I want to talk a little … [Read more...]

Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake Cupcakes


Amanda from High Heels to Hot Wheels is here with us today! I love Cheesecake and she's brought a yummy Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake Cupcakes to share with us today! I'll turn in over to her... Okay, folks, there's no denying that this week is all about love, love, love.....or in my case, bake until my lips pucker from all the sweet taste testings. Not only is it Valentine's week, … [Read more...]

Patriotic Parfait

Patriotic Parfait by www.whatscookingwithruthie.com

Patriotic Parfait is a mouth-watering dessert that's a lot of fun to serve this time of year... quick, easy, and delicious!  Perfect. Patriotic Parfait   Print Prep time 15 mins Total time 15 mins   Patriotic Parfait is quick, easy, and delicious dessert to serve this summer! Author: Ruthie Recipe type: Dessert Serves: 8 Ingredients ¼ C sugar … [Read more...]

Skinny Lemon Cheesecake Bars

Skinny Lemon Cheesecake Bars by www.whatscookingwithruthie.com

Skinny Lemon Cheesecake Bars are a delicious example of having a fabulous dessert without all the calories of your usual cheesecake...   Skinny Lemon Cheesecake Bars   Print Prep time 20 mins Cook time 20 mins Total time 40 mins   Author: Ruthie Recipe type: Dessert Serves: 18 Ingredients ⅓ C butter, softened 1 C sugar, divided 4 Tbsp fresh … [Read more...]

Blueberry Yogurt Pops

Blueberry Yogurt Pops by Bakerette on www.whatscookingwithruthie.com

Hello Cooking With Ruthie fans! It's Jen from Bakerette.com and I'm SO happy to be here with you again today. I'm excited to share a refreshing Blueberry Yogurt Pops recipe with y'all... I'm curious...Have you been as hot as we have for this time of year? Yesterday I stepped outdoors to go to the store and a wave of heat smacked me in the face. I was totally shocked because for … [Read more...]

Video Kitchen Tip Series How to easily juice a Lemon

Video Kitchen Tip Series How to easily juice a lemon by www.whatscookingwithruthie.com

Video Kitchen Tips How to easily juice a lemon Welcome back to my weekly Video Kitchen Tip Series     This weeks Kitchen Tip is how to easily juice a Lemon Thanks for joining me for this weeks Video Kitchen Tip Series…how to easily juice a Lemon   Come back again next week for more quick and easy tips for your kitchen  Here are the other links in the Kitchen Tip … [Read more...]

Pineapple Italian Ice

Pineapple Italian Ice

Pineapple Italian Ice is a deliciously refreshing way to cool off this summer!   Pineapple Italian Ice...   Print Prep time 15 mins Cook time 2 hours 30 mins Total time 2 hours 45 mins   Author: Ruthie Recipe type: Dessert Serves: 8 Ingredients 3 C fresh pineapple chunks 2 Tbsp agave nectar (or sugar) 2 Tbsp honey 1 Tbsp fresh lemon juice … [Read more...]