Smore Cookie Bars

Smore Cookie Bars by

Summer-time means fun get togethers with family and friends and of course~ fabulous food too. I made up this Smore Cookie Bars recipe because sometimes we just can't roast and toast over a fire, when hungry little hands are waiting! Smore Cookie Bars   Print Prep time 20 mins Cook time 15 mins Total time 35 mins   Author: Ruthie Serves: 12 Ingredients … [Read more...]

Honey Raisin Zucchini Bread and Ikea Event

Honey Raisin Zucchini Bread and Ikea Event by

  Y'all are going to LOVE this recipe!  It uses up 2 1/2 cups of that zucchini that's starting to grow of control out in the garden AND it tastes AH-mazing!  Oh my. Look at those stinking adorable loaf pans from IKEA!  You know you love them :)  Last week I attended the IKEA blogger catalog launch and got those adorable loaf pans.   SO, naturally I ran right home to bake in … [Read more...]

Rosemary Shortbread Cookies

Rosemary Shortbread Cookies by on

Little Miss Amanda from High Heels to Hot Wheels is here with us today... can I just tell y'all she is just about the cutest almost-ready-to-have-a-baby lady you EVER have seen! She's counting down the days now, what an exciting time!  We all wish the best for her and her cute family as they welcome in their new addition! Amanda has brought some delicious Rosemary Shortbread Cookies … [Read more...]

Snickerdoodle Cookies

Snickerdoodle Cookies by

  These delightful Snickerdoodle Cookies are a long-time family favorite from our Grandma Knudsen! You'll see exactly why we love them so much when you bake your own batch of these little babies...   Snickerdoodle Cookies   Print Prep time 20 mins Cook time 10 mins Total time 30 mins   Author: Ruthie Recipe type: Dessert Serves: 36 Ingredients … [Read more...]

Strawberries and Cream Baked Donuts

Strawberries and Cream Baked Donuts by

  Oh baby.  These little beauties are going to rock-your-world! Strawberries and Cream Baked Donuts are every bit as good as they look.  I promise y'all. Breakfast, snack, dessert, or for that matter~ anything in between!  You'll adore them.   Strawberries and Cream Baked Donuts   Print Prep time 20 mins Cook time 10 mins Total time 30 mins   … [Read more...]

Mango Macadamia Bars

Mango Macademia Bars by

Let me introduce y'all to Miss Jocelyn from Caramel She's the newest member of our Creative Team and I'm soooo excited she'll be coming to share with us each month! I won't keep you waiting any longer~ Jocelyn's Mango Macadamia Bars look like just what your next summer-time gathering is looking for...   I am so excited to be here -- Thanks a million Ruthie!!  I … [Read more...]

Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting and Deadman Ranch

Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting and Deadmans Cabin on

Welcome to Deadman Ranch on the Grey's River in Star Valley, Wy.   This little piece of heaven is tucked away 24 miles up a dirt road AND the drive is beautifully scenic and absolutley breath-taking... Words can hardly express the beauty that surrounds you at this remote ranch, it's completely ah-mazing! (Check out Feathered Hook's website for booking Fly Fishing … [Read more...]

Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwich

Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwich by

Happy Sunny Summer-time everybody! I'm SO thrilled to be enjoying some warm weather again... it just makes my little ole' heart very happy!  Need to cool off a little bit this summer?  Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwich will do the trick... festive, refreshing, and the perfect fix for that sweet tooth too :)   Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwich   Print Prep time 15 mins Cook … [Read more...]

Blueberry Streusel Muffins

Blueberry Streusel Muffins by

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!! Yay... SO fabulous to have warm weather and a nice long weekend to enjoy it too :) Blueberry Streusel Muffins are a wonderful breakfast or brunch for this weekend!   This recipe could easily be adapted with the berries you like best.  It's delightful with raspberries or even chunks of strawberries work too!  I usually go with what's on sale and they … [Read more...]

Strawberry Banana Bread and Kitchen Aid Giveaway

Strawberry Banana Bread by

  I'm super excited to have two fun things to share with y'all today... Strawberry Banana Bread and Kitchen Aid Giveaway ! I am loving this recipe!  I took my Gram's Banana Bread recipe and added a berry-licious twist plus threw in some browned butter which takes it right over-the-top :) Strawberry Banana Bread and Kitchen Aid Giveaway   Print Prep time 15 mins … [Read more...]

Triple Berry Banana Bread

Triple Berry Banana Bread by

Some of you may know that I was over weight about 14 years ago (read my weight loss story here) and I lost 95 pounds over a 4 year period.  I've kept it off by making healthy changes to my lifestyle and a big part of that was healthier techniques in my cooking.  This recipe has some of my favorite reduce calories/fat tricks in it. A couple of my favorite tricks are: replace 80% of the … [Read more...]

Kneaders Recipe Rosemary Focaccia Bread

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We are baking in the kitchen with Jen from Bakerette today... I'm a carbo-lovin-queen and her Kneaders Recipe Rosemary Focaccia Bread is totally making my mouth water... YUM!     During a friend's lunch break, she happened to see a mommy duck and 16 baby ducks (seriously, I'd give her mother of the year award just for having SIXTEEN babies except for what happened next) … [Read more...]