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 My Gram had a cooking show in the 1960s called, “What’s Cooking with Louise Connolly”.  Continuing a piece of that legacy was always of a dream of mine.  Her show was the inspiration for my blog and I’m honored to share the love of cooking and recipes that she instilled in me with each of you.

A little bit about her show:

When the program manager asked Gram to do the show she was hesitant and said she thought he needed a dietician.  He assured her that the sponsors wanted someone who could sell the products. Eventually, Gram accepted the job.  She loved it.

The show was sponsored by a grocery store, M and W Market, as well as Rhodes Bread and Meadow Gold.  My mom was in Jr. High when Gram had her show.  Everyday she would hurry from school to the studio, so she could catch the end of her show.  Television was live feed back then and Gram had the last 15 minutes of a talk show to do her cooking segment. She would make the final recipe presentation at home in the mornings (which she would bring back for their family dinner).  Then the one she prepared on the show, she would leave in the oven for the cameramen to eat.   Apparently they all really loved my Gram and her wonderful cooking!

I’ve shared some of Gram’s recipes and they can be found here.  Most of our families favorite recipes of Gram’s are found in my What’s Cooking with Ruthie Ebook which is available for $3.99 on iTunes and Kindle.

Gram’s Christmas Karmels , English Toffee , and Christmas Fudge are must-have at the Holidays!  Enjoy.

Gram's Christmas Karmels by

Gram’s Christmas Karmels

 Gramma Weza was always happily busy in her kitchen.  We have a large extended family and she frequently hosted dinners for all of us.  We all have very fond memories of sunday dinners and holiday feast around her table.

I miss Gram.  She died of Breast Cancer in 1996 at much too young of an age.  I wish my kids could have known her maybe through my cooking, they do a little bit…

Much Love and Peace~ Ruthie