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Hi! I’m Ruthie…

I’m a mom to 3 amazing kids and 2 dogs.  We love our dogs SO much that they have their own page… check it out here- Jack and Lila

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This site came to be in the summer of 2010… my Grandma Louise had a cooking show in the 60’s, which was the inspiration for my blog.  You can read more about ‘What’s Cooking with Louise’ here.

I grew up cooking with my Mom and Gram in the kitchen.  I learned the love of cooking and sharing recipes from both of them.

Ruthie and Gram on

I’ve always loved to collected recipes, as I began to learn techniques to make food healthier and lower in calories, while still keeping all the flavor- I started developing recipes of my own.  I loved food but it was not loving me and as a result I was quiet over weight about 14 years ago.  I’ve written about my weight loss story part A and part B  in hopes that maybe others’ can gain something from my experience.

Eventually, I found I needed a creative outlet AND a fun way to share my passion.  So, that was the beginning of this blog.

Ruth & Gram 1992

Ruth & Gram 1992

As my site started to evolve I added some Home and Garden, DIY/Crafts, Personal/Life Style posts and a little of whatever happens to be ‘cookin’ around our house.  AND oh how I love to cook. (yah, eat too!)

I’m sure I have a bazillion (yep, I know that’s not really a number) mistakes and typo’s BUT… I love this space.  I’m so happy to learn, and grow, and cook, AND become great friends with all of you!   I AM so grateful for the friends I’ve made, the things I’ve learned, and the ability to share some of Gods light along this blogging journey.  Thanks for spending time with me- I love to have you visit!  Please come back again soon.


Fall of 2013 begun a new adventure in my foodie life!  I started the Culinary Arts Program at UVU, a local university.  I’m excited to share my culinary journey with all of my readers.  Click here to read about my Culinary School Adventures.

I became a Chef and graduated the UVU Culinary Arts Program on May 1, 2015 – read here about my fabulous Graduation Day :) 

My Culinary Arts Graduation on a dream come true!

Much Love and Peace~



Our Creative Team~ Monthly Contributors!

Lifestyle Contributor~ Alisha from She Calls me Momma Leisha


Aleisha is a lover of cookies, wearer of lipstick, and shopper of shoes!  She is an avid reader, Diet Coke drinker, terrible singer, and a cheeseburger connoisseur.  She is an advocate of motherhood and a believer in strengthening and supporting women,  She is a mother, a wife, a blogger and a writer.

Aleisha has always loved to write.  She has fond memories of writing and illustrating children’s books as an eight-year-old, and then trying to sell them to her neighbors for a quarter!  Her passion for writing led her to pursue an English degree from Utah State University.  She graduated with an emphasis in Literary Studies.   Her beloved blog, “She Calls Me Mama Leisha”, began as a creative outlet and a way for her to document her life as a busy mother.  She writes about the humorous moments in the every day that add a touch of sparkle and sunshine to life.  Recently her short story, “Mom Song”, won first place in a national literature competition, sponsored by American Mothers, Inc.  She has written for the Time out for Women Website, the national  various local businesses, and was voted one of Mom’s Circle, “Top 25 Moms with Style.”  She feels blessed to be, “Mama Leisha,” and recognizes it as her greatest accomplishment.

You can laugh, and learn, and cry along with her at

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Craft Contributor~  Dru from Polka Dot Poplars 
What's Cookin
Dru, along with her three daughters, happily shares her life, loves, ups, and downs on their blog, Polkadot Poplars.  On her blog she shares what has worked for her as a wife, mother, and homemaker, including some hard lessons she’s had to learn.  She is a mom to four kids and Grammie to ten.  Dru is a lover of all things vintage and crafty, of Diet Dr. Pepper, reality shows, and finding new ways to decorate her home.  She hates to wear shoes and if given the opportunity would live deep in the mountains.
Dru and her family have had the opportunity to travel the world as an Army family and fulfill some amazing dreams and gain lifelong friendships.
Dru’s career background has mostly been in the scrapbooking industry as a Buyer for Provo Craft and their retail stores, as well as the Memories scrapbook stores and My Craft Channel.  She’s also been a designer for other scrapbook manufacturers.  She has had incredible experiences and made awesome memories in her career that she will always cherish.  She currently enjoys selling her vintage wares at vintage marketplaces and online.
Dru is excited to be contributor to Cw/R and hopes her posts will help inspire all of you.
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Cathy is the author of the blog three kids and a fish where she blogs about all the things her family does to take time to make memories! She features everything from cooking creations, DIY projects, family fun, and life lessons! Stop over and see what memories her family is making today!
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