Savory Sidedish round-up

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Thanks for everyone who joined up in our Best Recipes and DIY Projects Link Party #53. Ruthie from Cooking With Ruthie, Carole from My Kitchen Escapades, and Deb, Tracy, and Sheri from Made From Pinterest, and I all enjoyed seeing the recipes and projects that you shared, and we are excited to show off some of our favorites with you, today. What caught our eyes this week? All of the … [Read more...]

Quick Tip for Peeling Carrots

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This is a quick tip I learned in my first year of Culinary School... it makes peeling carrots a snap! I'm also sharing a blooper video from the filming of Quick Tip for Peeling Carrots cuz it's just too silly not to :)     I hope this Quick Tip for Peeling Carrots is helpful the next time you've got a few of them to prep! itchen Tip Series… how to cut an … [Read more...]

Easy Lemon Sorbet

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I'm SO thrilled to have Jesseca from One Sweet Appetite visiting with us today! She's brought a delighfully refreshing Easy Lemon Sorbet to share and Oh my goodness.  My mouth is totally watering just at the sight of it! I won't keep you waiting any longer...   It’s great to be back to share more recipes from One Sweet Appetite with all of you! Today I want to talk a little … [Read more...]

Mini S’more Treats

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I ran into these Keebler Mini Fudge Stripe Cookies at the grocery store and thought they were SO stinking cute that I just had to buy them! Next, I had to figure out a fun way to eat them :) Mini S'more Treats are what came of it... can I tell you I ate nearly everyone. Seriously! Mini S'more Treats   Print Prep time 5 mins Cook time 5 mins Total time 10 mins … [Read more...]

Favorite Books and Vacation Giveaway

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I hope you had a great time last week getting to know my fellow contributors over at Or so she says in our Getting to Know blog hop!  I know I had a fun time visiting with everyone and getting to know them better :) Today, we're hosting an awesome event together~ Favorite Books and Vacation Giveaway! How many times, in your stressful life, have you dreamed about laying out on the beach … [Read more...]

Super Saturday #53

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Woohoo! Welcome to the party, everyone! We're excited to see what you've been working on. The link up is live and ready for you to share your projects, just make sure you follow the guidelines below: When you link up, you are giving us permission to feature your project on our blogs and social media with a link back to you. We'll feature our favorite projects from this weekend's party … [Read more...]

Bow Tie Pasta Salad

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Prepare yourselves... Jen from Bakerette is in the house! Whoot-woot :) Jen's brought a delicious Bow Tie Pasta Salad to share with us today and it looks so amazing! Without any further adieu- I'll turn y'all over to enjoy this delicious-ness...   Planning a picnic? Pack this pleasing Bow Tie Pasta Salad and get ready to relax because it is SO easy and SO … [Read more...]

Chocolate Treats round-up

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We saw some really great links during Super Saturday #52. Ruthie from What's Cooking With Ruthie, Jeni from Bakerette, Carole from My Kitchen Escapades, and Deb, Tracy, and Sheri from Made From Pinterest all enjoyed seeing the recipes and projects that you shared, and we are excited to show off some of our favorites with you, today. Maybe it was something in the air, or maybe it's … [Read more...]

Heirloom Tomato Caprese Kabobs

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I love Heirloom Tomatoes!  Have you tried them? I always thought tomato- shamato... they're all the same.  As a kid I didn't even like tomatoes, actually, over time I grew to almost like them.  But, a few years ago I had an ahhh-ha moment when the first Heirloom Tomatoes touched my tongue!   It was a delicious Caprese Salad at a nice Italian Restaurant that did it for me. I'm … [Read more...]

Caramel Snickerdoodle Milkshake

Caramel Snickerdoodle Milkshake by

Now, that we're into the sunny-hot days of summer, it's time to think of delicious ways to stay cooled off this summer! This Caramel Snickerdoodle Milkshake is a little something I threw together the other day and I think you'll LOVE it as much as we did... You know how once in a while you have a few Snickerdoodle Cookies that stick around for a couple days and get all nice and … [Read more...]

How to Hull a Strawberry

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You're totally going to want to have the kids help with this one... How to Hull a Strawberry is going to float their boats!   Ever wanted to remove the center and the green but not loose the perfect Strawberry shape?  Watch this quick flick and you'll know how...   You'll never have so much fun working with Strawberries... How to Hull a Strawberry will be your kids … [Read more...]

Getting To Know blog hop

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Welcome to the fresh new look of Cooking with Ruthie! There's been a bit of tiding up going on around this little space... now it's faster, cleaner, and leaner (or something like that.) Today, we're part of a Getting to Know blog hop and it's a fun way for you to get to know me and some of my fellow contributors over at Or so she says...   What inspired you to start your … [Read more...]