Snowman Sugar Scrub

Jenny is with us today from NY Melrose Family – she has brought a festive gift idea that is simple enough for any of us to make!

I’ll turn it on over to her…


Our absolute favorite holiday at The NY Melrose Family is here and I am so excited! This year I’m trying my best to make it a homemade holiday.

I have a knack for creating gifts in jars. They are just too cute packaged in a pint size mason jar or even an itty bitty 4 oz jelly jar.

My Mason Jar Peppermint Cupcakes are a definite hit as well as the easiest Christmas Cookie Recipe Gift. My absolute favorite one though is my Cucumber Green Tea Sugar Scrub. I thought it would only be appropriate to create a new sugar scrub for my daughter’s preschool teachers.

This Snowman Sugar Scrub smells heavenly and is adorable.

Snowman Sugar Scrub

Snowman Milk Honey Sugar Scrub

The ingredients for this scrub are minimal and come together so easily. You’ll need:

3/4 cup of sugar

1 tablespoon of baby oil

1 tablespoon of Suave Milk & Honey Splash Body Wash

This makes the perfect amount of scrub to fit in a 4 oz jelly jar.


I could have simply packaged the scrub in a plain jar, but it’s the holidays so I had to dress it up a bit. You can find the tutorial on how to create the snowman jar here. I promise it’ll take you five minutes to put together and you don’t need to be the least bit crafty to pull it off.

Snowman Sugar Scrub Gift

If you’re looking for a more personal mason jar gift idea then you might like my Mason Jar Tea Light.

mason jar tea light5


I’ve never made a Sugar Scrub before… Jenny’s festive Snowman Sugar Scrub has inspired me!

I’m going to give this cute and simple gift idea a try :)

I can’t tell you how much I love our contributors- they’re amazing and I appreciate them so much, especially now that I’m in Culinary School and life is crazy-busy.

Jenny is just awesome! Have you been over to visit her at NY Melrose Family ?  You must.  You’ll love all of her creative ideas!


Have a Happy Tuesday!

xoxo~ Jenny and Ruthie

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