How to STOP Mosquito Bite Itches

I have the coolest tip to share today- it’s such a simple but totally awesome tip that works like a charm :)

How to STOP Mosquito Bite Itches…

How to STOP Mosquito Bite Itches by

This is the awesomest trick EVER.  Who would have thought that Icy Hot would be the secret to immediately stop the itchies from Mosquito Bites?!

A friend of mine was on a hike and got pretty much eaten alive by Mosquito’s.  He felt like he wanted to scratch them off with sandpaper… they itched SO bad!


The pharmacist recommended applying Icy Hot to stop the itching ASAP!  AND guess what??  It instantly worked.  Like a charm!

No more itching.

How to STOP Mosquito Bite Itches by

How many times have your kids been beside themselves with the ITCHIES from those darn bites and you wish there was a way to help.  Now, we know what to do.

Just to had to share this awesome How to STOP Mosquito Bite Itches tip with y’all!

Hope you’re Tuesday is fabulous :)

xoxo~ Ruthie




  1. Crystal says

    Great post!! Thanks for the great remedy! Living in the Texas we definitely have lots of Mosquitos. We even have a mosquito festival with a queen, rides, etc…

    • Ruthie says

      These little bites were gotten in the high mountains of Wyoming on a back packing trip… there were definately a bazillion mosquitos everywhere :)

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